As we embark on our spiritual journey we become aware of our connection, it doesn't stop there!

We begin to perceive ourselves as eternal, a soul living in a physical body, it raises many questions, but where can we find these answers?


All answers are held within every one of us and can be accessed from our Soul Records, learning to read the Akashic Records takes time and practice to navigate! 


So I have put together four sessions that so many of us crave satisfying answers in the area of personal life experiences and in understanding the spiritual journey. 


Here is a brief outline of each Reading and.


  • Your Soul Essence ~ Gain clarity about you, who you really are from the soul perspective, the gifts, the unique knowledge, and wisdom you bring to this life  


  • Life Lesson & Situation ~ How to ascertain the energic cause behind a challenging situation in your journey, concerning health, the law of attraction, a particular hardship, feeling stuck to name a few and what life lessons your learning  


  • Soul Connections ~ A unique session that uncovers those we are in close relationships with from a whole different perspective by unveiling the soul history, identifying any contracts and karma you have with this person


  • Spirit Guides ~ The heartwarming truth about your Spirit Guides, the roles they play in your life right now


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Please view each Reading session below and the videos to learn more.












When we tap into the wisdom of our soul we remember who we really are and when it comes to challenging parts of our spiritual journey we understand why and the learning experiences involved. 

These sessions are by Skype/phone call, to book in follow the link below to the online store.

If you would like to know more information, please contact me.


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