Soul Readings require the following information for me to gain access:

  • Current name

  • Name at birth

  • Date of birth

  • Place/Country of birth

Please also note if you are thinking of buying a Reading for a family member or friend as a gift, please allow me to gain access before you purchase, to ensure the Soul wants their information to be viewed and read avoiding any disappointment and refunding.  Once I gain access that the Reading can go ahead, I will let you know so you can go ahead with your online purchase.  

All Soul Readings are delivered and carried over the phone - unless you prefer email, this will have to be stipulated at the time of booking.


Home energy clearing requires the following information for me to access a property:

  • Name of owner

  • Number of property (include the name if applicable)

  • Town

  • Postcode

  • Country

Please note by the definition of owner refers to who is the person with is financially responsible.  This is the owner or if the property is rented, the tenant.

Clearing for communal places is not possible, or work property unless you are self-employed and responsible for renting the space or sharing with another company.

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