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This session is a home energy clearing on your home property

There are many methods that are effective and keep our home energetically clear, however, it may be you have you picked up a vibe or energy in your home that isn't sitting right with you or have been feeling unsettled or uneasy but you don't know exactly what it is or how to clear it.

Here are some reasons that some have used this session to clear:

  • Moved in to new home
  • Difficulty in selling your home property
  • There has been chronic illness or death in the home
  • Uneasy feeling in your home
  • Feeling stuck or unsettled for no reason and its bothering you
  • You want to bring new energy into your home

Here are some of the things I will look for and will go through my findings with you:

  • Portalway/Gateways - Energetic door ways and access points
  • Earthbounds souls - Low energy attachments drawing energy from the inhabitants
  • Independent or destructive earthbound souls - Low energy attachments to the house and making noise
  • Negative thought forms - Built up energy, negative thoughts and words that take up residency in a property
  • Emotional residue - These are left behind feeling from others when people have experienced trauma or illness that can be picked up especially if you are an empath
  • Anger spears - A residue of violent angry energy within the home
  • Land assignment - Homes can be built on land that supports the inhabitants to be at odds

This clearing re-tones the energy of your home and will identify and clear unwanted energy. Uphold new intentions so you can create a harmonious and happier energy in your home, along with protecting your home from negative energies in the future.

Included in this session all other methods of keeping your home clear with self help clearing techniques.

  • This session is by Skype or phone call
  • Initial session - 40 minutes
  • Follow up session - 30 minutes
  • To book this session please contact me for an appointment
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