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Reiki sessions take place fully clothed on either a massage couch or recliner chair in a safe, warm, and relaxing environment.

Your session is holding space for you to relax and allow Rei (wisdom of God or a Higher power) and Kei (Life force energy) to flow through you from the hands of your Practitioner. People respond differently to this energy, some people go into a sleepy state but still remain aware of their surroundings, while others sense a complete calmness or warmth over them, a deep relaxation, tingling sensations, or various vibrations of this energy.

Some people report that they feel a coolness over parts of their body with waves of warm sensations, for most they are able to experience total relaxation, a meditative state that would normally be hard for them to achieve.

Reiki sessions are a good way to experience what meditation feels like, to become still enough for them to be in sync with their higher self and intuitive insights, connect with their angels and guides.

Take advantage of this Reiki package and feel the benefits of healing.

  • Reiki Session - 1 hour
  • Buy 2 sessions and get 1 FREE
  • Enjoy 3 sessions of total rebalance
  • Please contact me to arrange a date in the diary, then confirm your booking by purchasing online

  • IF YOU PURCHASE AS A GIFT - please go ahead with online payment and send me a text with the name of the person it is for. Thanks

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