Past life regression is a powerful tool to access the past, view what happened in that life which is affecting you in your present lifetime. This session enables you to connect with that part of you that is all-knowing, this is referred to as the higher self, the subconscious; the soul!  

You hold all the answers within and the hypnosis state allows you to view any issues, deep worries, fears. health, relationship, and spiritual clarification from this unique perspective. Your Soul is connected to the Creator source and holds the memory of every life you have lived, including this present life, with in-depth clarity on the choices karma, lessons, and learning experiences. 

Sometimes unconscious patterns remain and are carried in this life, therefore accessing this part of you can help resolve any unanswered questions you have, issues, with a precious glimpse at what you're here to experience and learn with the support of your Guide. 


This session will allow you to find the truth, understand the origin of a particular issue or challenge comes from and why it is still affecting you, giving spiritual insights that will help you release what is holding you back, and connect with your inner wisdom and knowledge as you navigate life.

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