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After my accident: What Reiki has done for me

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Hi, my name is Tracey (that's me in the pic) welcome to my first ever blog post!

Some of you already know who I am, but for those who don’t; my passion and love are working with Reiki and with therapeutic bodywork.

I am a very private person. So, when it comes to my thoughts and feelings about my personal spiritual journey I’ve never publicly aired them - up until now of course! Only my close friends and some clients I’ve revealed this too and in turn, they have revealed their spiritual journeys to me.

This has truly been an honor as it has confirmed to me that we are all on a journey, souls living in physical bodies connecting with each other along the way in life. I have come to appreciate and understand that over the years my encounters with people have served valuable lessons, teaching me.

I couldn’t have summed it up better than the following quote:

“Everyone is my teacher. Some I seek. Some I subconsciously attract. Often I learn simply by observing others. Some may be completely unaware that I’m learning from them, yet I bow deeply in gratitude.”

Eric Allen.

So, I’ve stepped out of my spiritual closet…

But what lead me to this?


As some of you know last year on 2nd July 2016, I fell over the hoover in the most spectacular way and broke my wrist in two places! This abruptly ended 11 years of working in hands-on therapy and body massage combined with healing.

(If I may at this point thank all my dear clients for the years of continued custom and the sheer pleasure of being part of your lives, as you were mine. I really appreciated your genuine concern and well wishes).

Over the course of years working a few beauty treatments at the request of some clients, my love and passion were truly met in massaging, remedial bodywork combined with healing, and the incredible benefits of manual lymphatic drainage. Reiki healing was the spine of my work - in fact, I would go as far as saying it was the key for clients to enter a special place during the treatment to access a deeper level of relaxation. For those clients with painful and restricted movement, whether it be the back, shoulders, arms, legs, muscles, or a sluggish lymphatic system, Reiki worked very well as it encouraged healing to take place. This was essential in ensuring the person could re-balance, unwind and fully relax.

“Healing played a big part in my work but an even bigger part of my personal life!”

Reiki is amazing support with everyday life: in the family, the home environment, relationships, and health matters too, After breaking my wrist healing was a crucial part of my recovery, providing support through painful physiotherapy.

A priceless benefit that Reiki has given me is the permission to take time out to develop a daily practice of self-healing, allowing me to put myself first in a non-selfish way!

Over time, this quiet time has given clarity to my life and growing self-awareness of what I came here to do.

Meaning, what is my purpose in life?

If I have a purpose, what is it?

In fact, before my accident, I had been looking at the soul to understand what it is, exploring the energetic Akashic records of every soul’s journey as I was curious about who I am at a soul level. This information seemed to get stronger and the answers became more important to me.

But how I felt after my accident was a bit of a revelation to me.


Firstly my reality hit me.

Lone parent, self-employed, no work, and ONE hand!

You would imagine I would be feeling low, perhaps a little depressed. But strangely I wasn’t!!?

A twinge of apprehension? Yes. Worried sick... No!?

I did wonder though "What the hell do I do now? What direction do I go in now?"

However, I will never forget that overall sense and feeling I had and with a slow release of breath I realized that “This part was done; my time had come”. But for what, I wasn’t sure.

To keep my sanity, I continued with self-healing and meditating as this had always been an essential part of my life, but now it was a lifesaver - especially with this set of challenging circumstances. The shenanigans of getting in and out of the bath, in a sling and plaster cast to dressing and undressing with one hand… on some days were less than amusing!

To be honest, my spiritual routine kept me centered and stopped me from going crazy with boredom.

September came, I started to do some self-employed work with an amazing woman I worked with thirteen years ago, who had been coming to me for healing massage. It’s quite interesting and almost significant I mention this because before I had broken my wrist, she approached me asking if I’d do some work for her.

This offer in fact played a crucial part financially whilst I was in recovery as it kept everything ticking over and funded the last part of my Reiki training to become a Teacher. It was almost as if my spirit team knew what was coming and looked after me during this transition!

“This period was so important because this was the time I was forced to STOP and LISTEN to what was going on inside and hear the whisper of my higher self.”

Reiki has opened a support system that we all have access to - connecting to Angels, Spirit Guides, and an understanding of our soul’s journey. This has helped me to keep a sense of my situation and a realization that I had been out of alignment with my life purpose. A changed perspective helped me see that I unnecessarily endured situations and struggles in life because I thought I had no choice! Even when trying to get my business to the next level it kept stalling, yet this didn’t ring alarm bells. A big one for me was how fear played a huge part in keeping me from learning my truth.


Reiki opens us up to universal energy. This is a safe channel, a healing pathway you can trust. Millions of people from all around the world from different backgrounds, nationalities, and faiths have benefited from this non-religious practice.

How many of us hear the whispers of our higher self, intuition, or gut feeling saying you know that something isn’t right in life… but we soldier on?

How many of us are scared to change our lives for the better?

We are all on a journey, with different levels of awareness, essentially all wanting the same things: Happiness and enjoyment in life, doing things that make us feel content with inner peace.

However, sometimes our reality is very different. Perhaps you're dealing with a stressful situation, or simply too tired and just end up putting up with whatever set of circumstances, and now is the time for Reiki.

For more information click here.

Where ever you are in your journey, please contact me, I would love to hear from you.

Why did Usui pursue Reiki?

Hi, I'm Tracey

My purpose is to help you connect with the natural flow of Reiki energy, for personal and spiritual well-being. Unlock your own healing potential and tap into the subconscious mind, the higher self, to understand the meaning of your present life experiences and the spiritual journey. ​ Learn Reiki and Connect fully supports you in your journey to access all knowledge from within using powerful tools to unlock this part of you! ​ If you're going through a spiritual awakening, and seek answers, then you're in the right place! Discover more >

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