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Guided Meditation - Find Your Inner Peace

Updated: Apr 5

Hello and welcome to my blog page! Today I am sharing a guided meditation that helps release a frazzled busy mind, stress, feelings of exhaustion, tiredness and in need of some healing.

This guided meditation is helpful to use alongside self-healing especially when being out of sorts and you want to refocus.

This guided meditation also will help those who know the benefits of meditation but haven't been able to find what works for them.


Meditation has been a practice for thousands of years, even in today's modern world the benefits are well documented. Meditation is a way to help both you and me to experience well-being to fully relax on a deeper level, deliberately slowing down our busy lives, to reduce stress and find peace. Through practice, this valuable space can become a way of connecting with our true self and tap into Life force energy with tangible benefits and spiritual well-being.

I find it hard to meditate, you say and all I do is overthink when trying to do it!

The mind will go on a sprint, unraveling all your days' activities, worries, things you need to do and so on but may I suggest you stick with it and allow the mind to stream out all that it's unable to process. When you allow the mind to run its course, you've given permission for this to happen, eventually, you will shift into no longer fighting against it.

I don't have much spare time, I hear you say, yes it can be a challenge, however, if the desire is there is to improve the quality of life for personal benefits we will find some.

Have you tried just a ten minute guided meditation?

Try this!

Ten minutes (time out!)

  • Choose relaxing music (without words, maybe nature sounds, healing music or silence if you prefer)

  • Use a guided meditation - this helps the mind to focus and follow along

  • To begin meditation, make sure your comfortable and choose a position that is available to you. These ten minutes out can be anywhere of your choosing, on a break, at lunchtime, a quiet place, park bench, in a garden and so on.

  • Put a timer on your phone if you have a time restraint (you can use the link below, I've timed at 9 minutes and 55 seconds)

  • Set your intention by saying to yourself: I ask my mind to be quite please or I set my intention to allow myself to etc..

  • Take some deep breaths - wait until you can acknowledge you are present (notice any subtle changes, like sounds becoming louder, for example, a clock ticking, distant talking if you're outside, the birds, wind, and any other subtle awareness that comes to you)

  • Stick with it! Like most things in life, we get out what we put in, so it's really worth the effort

Your intention is key and it will eventually take place, your mind will give in and surrender to your inner power!

If you know how to connect with Reiki add that to your meditation, or use a method of practice such as yoga and any practice that works for you, this will really make a difference and lastly, ENJOY

Here is the link to a guided meditation I use myself and others which you can try!

Click here - find your inner peace

For more information click here.

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