What is Reiki?


It is Universal Life Force energy!   


The actual word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words meaning Rei (wisdom of God or a Higher power) and Kei (Life force energy).  It was founded in Japan by a man called Mikao Usui, and his method of healing is widely known due to the powerful effects it has on us; releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation, promoting healing and health. 

Usui's own personal journey led him to explore and study many things, but what he hadn't achieved was his life purpose, which was why he went on the quest to know: 


'Why are we here on earth?

 What is our Divine purpose?'

So he took himself off to meditate to try and find the answers to these questions, by persevering he connected to Universal Life Force energy and gained clarity on those questions.  He was able to move on in his journey and in life through his mission to pass this unique technique on to others, he also realized that being connected you have the potential to heal on many levels. 

The prime focus of Usui Reiki is the personal benefits that we can benefit from when we connect to Life Force energy and unlock our own healing potential consciously.  When we connect, it opens a pathway to the awareness of our true Divinity and life purpose, this method has resulted in many people from different nationalities and faiths from all over the world to benefit in all aspects of their lives.


You will experience many benefits by learning Reiki, enabling you to effectively deal with everyday life situations whether that be managing stress, bringing relief to anxiety, or improving your health.​ No matter what situation you're in, it will help you heal all aspects of your life so you can reach your full potential.

If you would like to benefit from this in your life, please take a look at the link below. 

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