A Reiki session is an alternative healing therapy, and these sessions are unique because as a Reiki Practitioner, I will channel natural healing energy called Life force energy/Universal energy for you.  


These sessions take place fully clothed on either massage couch or recliner chair in a safe, warm and relaxing environment.

Prior to your session, I will ask you why this session is required and discuss what can you expect if this is your first time having Reiki.

Your session is a holding space for you to relax and allow Life force energy to flow through you from the hands of your Practitioner.  People respond differently to this energy - you may sense a complete calmness or warmth over you, feel sleepy, tingling sensations or the various vibrations of this energy. You may also feel a coolness over some parts of your body. Most people are able to experience total relaxation that would normally be hard to achieve on their own. 






People come for a Reiki session for many different reasons. It may be due to stress, anxiety, inability to sleep, intense fatigue, or even post-surgery and health issues. Some use these sessions as a way to address a busy work balance, to connect with their inner self, clear their head to instill peace of mind, or as a top-up for personal well being.

Connecting with Reiki, this incredible Life force energy will help you to relax at a deeper level, assisting with the physical body's healing process. This includes our emotional, mental, and spiritual well being too.


Reiki connects us to the Universe in which we are made. Like water to a plant, it nourishes, restores, rebuilds, and keeps us alive.  This is why we feel better and function better when we allow this energy to flow throw us.

I would invite you to experience this and see for yourself!

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