Soul Reading Sessions



One of the most powerful tools we can tap into along your Reiki journey is from the Akashic Records!


What kind of information does the Akashic Records provide?


Here are a few questions that others wanted to find out:


  • What's the real root concerning my poor health, relationships, work, and financial issues?

  • I'm interested in my Soul what can I learn?

  • Why is my spiritual journey so hard?  What life lessons am I here to learn?

  • Is my career path the right one for me at a soul level?

  • I think I've have found my Soulmate but why isn't it smooth sailing? What's a Soulmate contract?


  • What Soul gifts am I born with?  How can I determine if you are living in alignment with them​?

  • Why is my relationship dynamic with a particular person so strained?  What is the reason my (partner, spouse, friend, family member, my child) have chosen to experience together?


  • Who are my Spirit Guides?  Do I have more than one? What they are assisting me with?


  • These are just a few questions!


These one-hour sessions take place by phone in the comfort of your own home!  


These sessions provide the missing link and pieces of the puzzle to explain life's challenges, playing an essential part of understanding your Soul's path, as you've found yourself on a spiritual journey with Reiki and in exploring other healing modalities.

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Give you clarity over your Soul's path, so you can create a reality in alignment with you!


You will be able to rebalance, gain orientation to many of the different life situations you find yourself in, so you can see the bigger picture and make sense of where you are in life and why.  

The Akashic Records hold a mirror up metaphorically, enabling you to see a reflection from a different angle with an undeniable recognition of your truth. Change patterns of choice and manifest desires into reality! 


There are four categories of Soul Readings:

  • Your Soul Essence ~ This session is all about who you are at a Soul level, your gift and where you are in your journey and how the manifesting process is aligned specifically to you

  • Life Lesson & Situation ~ This session uncovers where you are in your journey with specific issues or challenges you want the answers to.  What life lessons you're here to experience and how it is currently playing out for you

  • Soul Connections ~ This session satisfies the intuitive Soul recognition of a person.  Uncovering relationship dynamics and how it affects you.  Clarity of what you have chosen to experience with a particular person (friend, family member, romantic partner, or your child)


  • Spirit Guides ~ This session is rewarding and comforting as you discover your Spirit team, Revealing and introducing all the Guides on your team and how they are assisting you in your life


Each Reading has specific information about your Soul's evolution.

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