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Spirit Attachment Symptoms

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

spirit attachment symptoms

Welcome to my blog page, where I am talking about spirit attachment, this is a topic that I will be discussing and bringing awareness to the symptoms of spirit attachment, and outline some signs to look for when experiencing this. We will look at the symptoms, the home environment, the importance of boundaries and energetic protection, how to prevent further attachments, and the biggest sign of spirit attachment with a person's mental health.

This information will help spiritual seekers and healers who notice a shift in their energy or spirit guides team or have interruptions around channeling. This is going to be useful for those who have been struggling with spirit intrusion that has gotten worse and others who have experienced sudden outbursts of psychosis, hearing voices with erratic behavior.

Spirit attachment can be very uncomfortable, in its worst-case scenario, very noticeable to everyone around them, and outwardly exhibiting symptoms of mental health problems. This kind of attachment will be draining, and exhaustive ultimately keeping a person stuck.

What is the truth surrounding this kind of experience?

What are some of the spirit attachment symptoms?

Spirit Attachment Symptoms

There are various indicators to look for that will help you to know if you have a spirit attachment or a family member. These signs can be inclusive of the following or they may differ, however, there is a theme to watch for, and detailed next are some factors for you to consider.

  • Coldness, sensing a cool breeze around various parts of your body to sudden shifts of temperature, becoming cold. You might be able to see the spirit around you in your mind's eye, feel like someone is touching or prodding you, something trying to get into your body, or hear your name being and feel like you are being watched.

  • You notice that there are one, two, or even more different voices you can hear in your mind, these voices are individual and clear with different personalities. Typically you can be engaged in a conversation for extended periods of time actively listening to what is being said.

  • A loved one who has passed away might be involved in adding validity to this experience increasing the emotion developing between you, your loved one, and the voices speaking with you, which strengthens the bond.

  • Being in a trance for long periods of time just starring, spaced out, without speaking can play a big part in your daily routine. These trances can become an endurance test, possibly told not to move or become very uncomfortable in trying to sustain certain positions.

  • Images in the mind can be vivid, often shocking images popping in randomly, evoking a response to keep you engaged in talking and listening to the voices. These images can appear as still pictures or develop into a film you're watching in your mind.

  • Intrusive thoughts telling you to do things, taking part in tasks you are told to do, listening to name-calling about others, or degrading comments out of character and you know that this is not something you would normally say (in your mind) but you believe it's from you.

  • The voices can say personal and hurtful things to you, or comments about you physically, saying negative things to pull you down, make you feel low, depressed, and lose confidence in yourself.

  • Spirit can latch on to you for a specific reason, wanting you to assist or help them, you might be aware they are trying to communicate with you. This can be frustrating as you may not understand why this is happening and over time you put up with constant nagging.

  • They can pretend to be a Spirit Guide, Angel, a Master, Teacher, or any other religious or spiritual archetype, this is how trust is built and a desire to please and do whatever is asked of you.

  • Battling with inappropriate vulgar language or sexual suggestions from one or more of the individual voices can be a struggle to keep in check or even worse feel forced into something you do not want to do.

  • Sleep is interrupted, either not getting to sleep due to activities in your mind or manifestations of things appearing in the room. You can also be woken up or jilted out of your sleep completely draining you over a period of time.

There is a theme running through each of these symptoms, you will not be happy, sensing that something is wrong. This experience is not focused on love it can be coercive, and with limited mental clarity over time is exhaustive. You can experience overwhelming fear, feel unsettled, and confused, becoming increasingly scared of what is unfolding.

If you are a healer, you might struggle to connect sufficiently to source energy, and your higher self for guidance as this can be greatly interrupted and sabotaged to keep you in a cycle.

During these attachment periods, you can also be dealing with other spirits who have different preferences and we will look at this next.

Spirit Attachment Symptoms In The Home

Earthbound spirits can hang around in houses, they might have already been there before you moved in. These kinds of spirits remain attached to a property rather than a physical body, so they like to own their space. Sometimes this is very apparent when we move home and can sense there is something present or watching us.

This can go undetected if there is a vibrational likeness due to what we do, for example watching certain TV films or programs, having a fascination with connecting with spirits, and even personal recreational drugs. This doesn't mean that if you do that this will happen, however, those who are sensitive energetically will sense this and if you are an empath you will likely feel uncomfortable or that something is wrong.

Spirits in your home can be intrusive, draining the household with access points otherwise known as energetic doors, they range from large doors known as Gateways and individual doors known as portalways. These access points serve as a way for spirits to come and go.

How can you tell when energetic doors are open?

This can be picked up by a feeling, a knowing that something isn't right in your home, or a particular room may have a draft or coldness in certain parts that pets can become unsettled at night. Children are sensitive to spirits and energetic doors left open, they can express this verbally they simply don't want to be left alone in a room or have trouble sleeping.

Again there is a general theme, You will not feel relaxed in your home, and the energy will be low, stuck, and discordant.

What can you do if you identify a spirit has attached to you?

How To Be Free From Spirit Attachment

In my own personal experience, long trances, intrusive thoughts, and hearing voices. with icy coldness around various parts of my body worried me, to say the least, I realized the new voices claiming to be masters and teachers, were fake!

This is an important step, this is how I started the process of lowering the voices and quietening my mind:

Set your intention to no longer remain attached:

  • Acknowledge the spirit is an attachment and not part of your mind, it is separate!

  • Do not listen or give any more attention or energy

  • Say something as soon as an image, or thought comes in, I found it helpful to say, 'That's not my thought' or 'That's not me'

  • Ask for assistance from Guides, Angels with whom you are comfortable and trust

This is a powerful simple step in the process, the acknowledgment that it has nothing to do with going crazy, it is spirit attachment!

Be determined to no longer feed any more energy or attention and start to put boundaries in place.

The next piece of the puzzle is to work out how the spirit attachment came about.

Preventing Spirit Attachments

Preventing further attachments will mean you need to be aware of how you became attached in the first instance. This is really important because you will need to look at your life carefully, in all areas, and trace things back to what was going on for you.

Healers are generally aware of energetic boundaries and protection, however, at times this is compromised by forgetting to put this on, simply not setting intentions, or underestimating that we will come into contact with earthbound spirits in our work and miss the signs of spirit attachments.

If you are connecting with spirits and communicating through various means, you will need a way of keeping boundaries in place so that energetically you will not become attached to the spirits you are seeking to assist, this will mean you will need to have clear guidelines in place or form some kind of ritual that will ensure you can work to the highest good.

You might be someone who has just found yourself stuck and can't move forward due to being caught in a cycle of battling the mind, listening to intrusive thoughts, being mentally consumed, and stopping you from moving forward with clarity.

This is where putting boundaries in place will help you, and part of this will be in a form of protection and this is not something physical but will be energetic.

How do you put energetic protection on?

Through intention, you will find your way of keeping yourself covered by placing something around you or shielding you. You can, for example, place yourself in a column of white light, a bubble it will be something that resonates with you and most importantly once you intend this to be around you, nothing will permeate or latch on to you.

There are various symptoms of spirit attachment, and we have mentioned a few of them but we will touch on the most prominent symptom of all and that is your mental health.

Spirit Attachment Will Affect Your Mental Health

Spirit attachment will affect your mental health in a big way and it can happen suddenly throwing you off guard and into confusion or through incremental waypoints in a person's life. You will intuitively know something isn't right because of intrusive thoughts, the onset of psychosis, and hearing voices, and even if it appears to quiet down and subside for a while, when it starts up it will follow the same patterns.

When spirits attach this can be a very overwhelming experience and without any explanation suddenly taper off out of nowhere but this is how these attachments go unrecognized over time by disguising themselves using intermittent cloaking and hiding so they go undetected.

Going through this can be a lonely and confusing time in life, from the outside it's labeled as seeing hallucinations, pointing to a mental disorder, and being on a slippery slope of having no hope or any idea of what is happening. However, from the inside, there are real spirit entities on a negative trajectory, speaking nonstop, injecting intrusive thoughts, and eliciting often erratic inappropriate behavior but the truth at the heart of these kinds of experiences is one that has an energetic root cause.

If you would like to continue with the theme of understanding the energetic causes including being blocked, stuck, or overwhelmed in life and how this can be symptomatic with your mental health, take a look at this blog, Spiritual Awakening.

You won't want to miss the next blog, we will look at Earthbounds and spirit entities, who they are, and why they attach with us. Revealing the techniques they use so they are not detected, and what's really important, is how to tell the difference between your thoughts and those of the attachments.

Stay tuned!

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