Thank you for taking the time to read the Refund Policy, each service is listed and clearly outlined below so you are fully aware of the timeline from your online-store purchase to when the Refund period is in place, in the event of you canceling your booking.

Please note that in the event of a situation which causes you to become unable to continue with your booking and the Refund time period has expired.  

I will hold your booking open until the right time or day is agreed between us so we can resume, start, or continue with your initial booking. 


Reiki Session has a 2 days (48 hours) cancellation period from the time you pay on the online-store (bank transfer).

Reiki Courses has a 4 days (96 hours) cancellation period from the time you pay on the online-store (bank transfer).

All sale purchases apply to the cancellation period.

Any installment agreements (Reiki Courses only) are to be paid by bank transfer.


The first installment is non-refundable    

If you have any questions concerning any of the refund policy, please do contact me. 


All online courses purchased from the online store have a 2 days (48 hours) cancellation period from the date of your purchase.  Cancellations outside this period are non-refundable.


Soul Readings has a no-cancellation period


When you purchase from the online store, I will be notified of your booking, I will contact you and work straight away to access your Records. I start the process and invest time in your Reading, which will make a refund no longer possible.  



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