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Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

This blog examines the connection between spiritual awakening and mental health as part of a much bigger picture and energetic root.

Hello and welcome to my blog, today I'm talking about the subject of spiritual awakening and mental health.

The purpose of this blog is to examine if there is a connection between spiritual awakening and the symptoms of mental health.

We will look at the repercussions of getting stuck on the path, and how that affects us. Then we will look at the main reason why our mental health is part of a far bigger picture and energetic root and why we can feel low, or overwhelmed whilst experiencing a spiritual awakening.

When it comes to spiritual awakening one shoe does not fit all and the reason for this is we are all in different stages of personal growth. It can take time to catch up that there's a shift in your perception of life or maybe had have not put a label on it but you know something is changing, so what is a spiritual awakening and what can it look like?


You have at the core a part of you, a higher self, higher consciousness, a bigger part of you, the soul that is intuitively leading and navigating you through life, and this is the part that consciously awakens. When this happens you begin to remember, seeing through the matrix of the physical life.

Prior to being born, you have put in place certain experiences and lessons that will help you grow along your path. Part of the plan, when you get here, is not to remember who you are, and that's why the journey is internal, remembering from within. Some have put in place particular parts of your journey when they will remember what they are here to do. Each life is a continuation, meeting up again with other souls and altogether part of a much bigger picture pertaining to soul growth and evolution.

Spiritual awakenings are varied and different, and working over ten years with many people during the process of becoming aware, conscious, and awake has a combination of some of these experiences mentioned next.

  • Some spiritual awakenings can be slow incremental awakenings that are spaced out in progression and growth rates. It's natural and not altogether marked as a massive spiritual all-knowing experience, hence it can go undetected ie, without a label. It is actually through life itself that this part evolves as an inner knowing and connection to your inner true self.

  • Others have a claircognizance of who they are and grow to develop and assist others either through their profession or in their personal lives. They are conscious and observe the human psyche and cognitive behavior intuitively. They connect to the higher self and see themselves and their own spirituality through a bigger lens.

  • Sometimes a traumatic event or experience is the catalyst to an awakening because what a person has been through shapes them. What emerges is a healer, emerging on a path with focus and a determination to do what they are here to accomplish.

  • A near-death experience (NDE) is when a person dies and comes back to life with a changed perspective from the other side. This marks the person's spiritual awakening in a big way, and this brings an inherent inner awareness of the inner self, the soul, and the source/God.

  • Some encounter a sudden awakening or an out-of-body transformational experience and encounter a blissful state of consciousness and down the line merge onto a path that surfaces bringing up the dark night of the soul which can be unsettling during these intense experiences.

Do you identify with any of these? Perhaps you have experienced a combination of these experiences?

Whether this happens progressively or with a sudden jump or emerges from a traumatic experience, what most of us do have in common is what I refer to as hitting a bump in the road, getting stuck, being blocked, or encountering a situation or shift that leaves a person confused, lost, or unfolding some level of misalignment in life.

What is happening in these situations? What are some of the things that created a roadblock in our lives?

There are those who instantly know that something isn't right and whilst noticing a downward spiral in their mental health they reach out. This is when I see a person, but I've realized this is instigated by their intuitive higher self, it's a soul response from a person who has the inclination to connect with the source or sense that the higher self wants them to know something so they can start to create change in their current situation.

What else can affect a person's mental health?


Mental health affects our well-being on many levels, which begs the question, what contributed to or instigated the disruption of well-being in a person's life that has led to a slide in mental health?

I use different modalities in my work, and in answer to this question there is usually something that triggers a cause and effect within a person and this is usually as a result of trauma.

It is something that has led to a disruption in a person's well-being that shifts and produces the well-documented symptoms of mental health. This is an important key because many people suppress or don't talk about traumatic events or never come to terms with what pushed them over the edge, so to speak, and the effect or symptoms of the downward spiral are treated with medication as a short-term or interim solution, but what causes it isn't addressed until much later or in some cases, not at all which in turn increases stress, anxiety, or depression.

Some of these situations I've seen that disrupt a person's well-being are:

  • Loss of someone you loved

  • A traumatic event that has happened to you or a loved one

  • Serious health issues or a life-changing accident

  • Long term stress

  • Abuse or neglect in childhood

  • Loniness or being in isolation

These situations affect us and can keep a person from moving forward on their spiritual awakening, and over time at a standstill on the path until it is addressed.

There is something else I encounter a lot and that comes from a place of subtle emotional and mental disquieting thoughts, that also show up as symptoms of mental health stemming from a deeper energetic root.


There are those who are dealing with trauma that has triggered them in a downward spiral and there are those with silent thoughts that are not necessarily due to something happening but come from a deep inherent feeling, longing tinged with sadness.

This is expressed as a deep feeling that they don't want to be here, they don't feel at home on this planet, expressing they do not fit in, or they are so overwhelmed it robs them of any joy and for friends and family hearing this, especially from younger ones can be alarming.

Some on a daily basis are engulfed with these feelings and thoughts that put them on edge without any understanding of the reason why. I have seen this time and again, empathic sensitivity overload, which in actual fact is a powerful gift of clairsentience, (empathic feeling) but can seemingly look out of context without realizing or embracing it, this can look on the outside and appears as social anxiety and can spiral into stress and depression.

In these situations, the deep energetic root and sensitivity are completely overlooked and all focus is on the symptoms without acknowledging clairsentience as an intuitive psychic root and another untapped aspect of themselves.

I've witnessed the transformation of so many lives including my own by understanding the root and changing from the inside out managing to reduce and even eradicate what were challenging situations into embracing their gift.

Symptoms of mental health have a far wider meaning and a deeper root, and an indicator or sign that your soul wants you to get back on the path and will try and get your attention.

Some of the areas the higher self can help you to focus on are:

  • Meditate to hear the higher self

  • How to move forward on the path

  • Show the same pattern or cycle that requires a change

  • Remind a person of the situation that has impacted them to start the healing process and in some cases, release it

  • Pinpoint and release what is stopping a person

Something else plays a major part in their own connection to the source of energy. Meditation and using the Reiki pathway is how a person can raise their vibration, hear the higher self, and heal. In other cultures, this flow of energy is recognized and has a direct correlation between the subtle and physical body, the Chakras play an important part.

Chakras have a language of their own, we just need to learn how to interpret the flow of energy as running too low or almost drained out, which through an energetic lens has the same symptoms of mental health. You can find more in this blog, on how to balance your Chakrasin 3 simple steps.

In summary, spiritual awakening is part of the process here on our planet, it is a way to remember who we are and part of our path and purpose. The rise in mental health is an indication of something much bigger stemming from an energetic root and a signal that something needs to be addressed in the person's life.

We are also waking up and intuitively beginning to realize that if we ignore the signs and stay stagnant this will deepen resulting in feeling lost, disconnected, and unhappy until we eventually listen to the higher self make changes and move forward on the path, this is when real joy and happiness come from within.

You won't want to miss the next blog on the subject of spirit attachment symptoms as this information will help spiritual seekers, and healers and will be very useful for those who have been struggling with spirit intrusion that has gotten worse and others who have experienced sudden outbursts of psychosis, hearing voices with erratic behavior.

For more information about how you can raise your vibration, and learn a powerful technique on your path watch this video.

Find out more about learning Reiki here.

Follow the link for information on QHHT's past life regression method of hypnosis by Delores Cannon.

Remembering who you are and where you come from

If you're going through a spiritual awakening and seeking answers, then you're in the right place! Discover more >

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