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4 Signs You have met your Twin Flame

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

How to recognize twin flame connection

Hello and welcome to my Blog page, today I'm talking about the Twin Flame connection.

This is a subject close to my heart and kept it private for almost ten years, one of the reasons this was. for the first couple of years, I had no idea who this familiar person was, all I knew is that when I was in their company I felt happy and could be myself, I was alive in a way I'd never experienced before but when they weren't in my life, it was like being plunged into a pitch-black room thumbing for the light.

This person appeared in my life two years before I started my spiritual awakening, then in 2010 learned Reiki, it was like this person knew my spiritual journey was beginning.

In the last few years especially since professionally using the library of the Akashic Records, I had confirmed to myself that my real-life experiences with this person were not a figment of my imagination! This subject for others was also met with a profound recognition that completely validated their own experience.

Maybe you're reading this article and you're not sure or you have a sense you may have met someone who could be, so let's take a brief look at what is meant by Twin Flame.


Twin Flame also known as Twin Soul, can be like mirrors to us, with distinctive patterns associated, being magnetically drawn to this person but equally periodically pulling away from each other. It's during these separation times you can feel like your world has fallen apart. These times are excruciating, painful, and confusing because of what this person represents to you, your friend, teacher, nurturer, or lover. It's popularised as being solely romantic, however, this connection is not primarily based on a romantic feeling as this connection can also be with your best friend, family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, same-sex, lovers, or platonic relationships.

The Twin Flame connection can lead you to a beautiful place of inner authority, having clarity on your soul purpose, experiencing peace together, surrender, deep love, and letting go but simultaneously bringing you together in a new way. This connection can also be difficult, hellish, and toxic at best, bringing up issues that are deeply hurtful.

It's worth mentioning that each person's experience is uniquely their own and there's no right or wrong, whatever phase you're in with this soul connection, it will all play out in a unique and special way in your life.

Understanding this connection allows you to 'make sense of where you are in your spiritual journey,' adding clarity and consciousness to the mirror this Soul is holding up to you. This will catalyst you to go into rapid spiritual awareness of who you are, and plunge you into working with the shadow self, which will flag up your deepest fears and simultaneously, your desires.

You might like to take a look at soul contracts as this explores more about the dynamics of different soul agreements.

So here are some ways to help you distinguish who they are:

1. They feel very familiar to you

At some level, this person will be very familiar to you, either you've seen them before but don't know where or you notice this person resonates at a deep level. You may have instant recognition of their face. The more you get to know this person you have synchronicity, for example, the same experiences, and a similar timeline. This familiarity enables you to be completely yourself in their company and they don't try to change you.

2. You have a Soul connection

This connection feels different from your other close friends, you may even have dreams prior to meeting them, they will just show up and you will instantly be drawn to them, being aware straight away that they are special to you, with an instant soul connection. Although you may not be aware of what that means, you will know this or feel it at some level.

3. Bring up mixed codependent or needy behavior

Once you connect with this person, you will have a need to be with them, a co-dependency may develop, you may experience difficulty and issues with distance, not being able to be physically together or you stick like glue to each other which may become so intense one of you pull away for no apparent reason. This person may seem to blow hot and cold or one of you doesn't seem to acknowledge this as a soul connection the way you do.

4. Spiritual awakening

This person will show you both night and day, exquisite happiness and intense darkness, expose the shadow self which will push you to 'work on yourself.' This will trigger your self-awareness, consciousness, and spiritual growth at a soul level. as this union is driving you towards your higher purpose.

So how can you move forward with this type of connection in your life?


One of the difficult dynamics of this connection is the codependent and needy emotions that come to the surface and the necessary but torturous separation periods of the push and pull. It is easy to become overwhelmed, disheartened even resentful dealing with these kinds of issues with all the mixed emotions.

However, separation periods give us the opportunity to really gain clarity, tap into our own inner wisdom and draw strength from our Angel and Guides because they are supporting us, every step of the way with what we've chosen to experience, learn and resolve with this soul in the present incarnation.

Accessing inner knowledge from within helps us understand the true nature of this connection and to readdress the balance that there is no one outside of ourselves that can give us true happiness, we learn to stand in our own inner authority as we step into our inner power!

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