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Soul contracts: Are you in one?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Soul contracts - Akashic Records

Hello and welcome to my blog page, today we are talking about soul contracts, are you in one?

In this article, we going to find out what contracts are, what are the signs, and how we know if we are really in one!

The purpose of this blog is to shed light on what is meant by contracts, what kind of contracts there are, and how to move forward with love and respect for the person you are energetically tied with by letting go, so with this in mind lets take a look at what contracts are.

What are contracts?

Contracts are essentially an agreement we have made with another person, this usually originated from a past life that was shared with the same soul that has incarnated with you again. These contracts or agreements are not consciously made but are always reaffirmed by actions, and created in intense or traumatic real-life events that happened between you and another person in a previous life together.

A contract is like a thread that keeps you tied together, lifetime after lifetime. This energetic thread means you will keep incarnating and meeting up because there is an unresolved issue that needs to be worked out and let go of.

Contracts can linger on through many shared lifetimes together, changing gender roles, and different circumstances, and creating misalignments for one or both people holding on to their part of the agreement.

What does this mean?

The contract

In my work looking at many real-life contracts, they are subject to change due to unresolved issues throughout the duration of the incarnation. These contracts originated either mutually or one-sided and this can happen because over time one soul may release the contract whilst the other has not, the dynamics of such will play out in the present lives of both souls.

These contracts are a result of ongoing patterns of choice made by either both souls as in the case of a mutually created contract or just by one of the souls involved in a one-sided contract. Those involved in a contract are drawn together because they will keep meeting up until the contract is released on both sides.

Before we explore what this looks like in real-life scenarios, there are three types of contracts that I come across regularly, although most know and talk about the soulmate contract, getting a bigger picture of each type of contract helps us in our consideration.

Contract of protection

This literally means that one person stepped in to protect another, this often happens between family members and those we have a very close bond with, and like we have already said contracts are created in real-life events. I have seen this very scenario created in a past life where for example abuse has taken place, witnessed by a sibling, and the other sibling makes an agreement to protect them, this was kept between them for the duration of that life. In the next life, the souls changed roles to husband and wife, and both are dealing with the energy of that agreement, when both are mutually involved it's often expressed as an intense relationship, and all choices will be upholding that pattern, both feeling overwhelmed and suffocated, if one-sided, the one holding on to this contract can be overbearing to the other partner and feel a sense of duty that can't be explained, the other person that has let go of the contract, can feel it is too much and no longer wants them to take responsibility for them to that degree in the present relationship.

What is the other type of contract agreement?

Contract of healing

This means that a person has become invested in healing someone else, this happens between family and close friends and is created in real-life events. One past life revealed that after a tragic injury of his girlfriend, the boyfriend took full responsibility for what happened to her in that life, trying to heal and fix her, in this present life this energy of giving has presented itself again between two female friends. In this scenario, the need to look after the other friend lay heavily on the one who was holding on to the contract, by constantly thinking about her friend's well-being as a priority for this individual.

In this type of contract, I look to see who is on the giving end of healing and who is on the receiving end, because this explains to the client just how the dynamic is contributing to their energy loss, resulting in becoming drained, and exhausted. A mutual agreement replays the same choices and patterns, different circumstances but the same root cause unfolding from the life it originated from. The one who has let go doesn't want to be healed, the one holding on to a one-sided contract is deeply hurt because it is not reciprocated, but remains constantly giving. The one who is receiving healing in a one-sided contract can have an expectation of time and energy given to them, perhaps even feel entitled which creates an uneven distribution of energy.

What other contracts are there?

Contract of soulmates

This type of contract is more talked about but just like the above protection and healing contract, it is created between two people from a past life that has experienced a real-life event, and the same principles apply to how the agreement or contract stands, mutual or one-sided.

I have written a blog about twin flames from my personal experience, I had written it a year before I made it public in 2018 and was ready to write about the soulmate contract we let go of but sadly 'my friend' passed away by the end of that year.

What I have come to appreciate is that when dealing with the twin flame vs soulmate debate, there is a lot of skepticism but the truth is no one can really say how the soul is fully structured or put together only that it hasn't been put into a concise frame of reference.

From my experience and from others, the powerful recognition that someone is familiar is real. I have viewed many past lives whereby the contract originated from a real-life event such as unrequited love, a situation evoking a vow they will always love a person, infidelity, betrayal, volatile relationships, love affairs, and taking the life of the other.

When a soulmate contract is mutual, both souls will incarnate frequently with both people feeling oddly compelled to be with the other, almost as if there is no choice but to be with this person. It's worth noting that this type of contract is not always based on romance and can be between friends, family members, as well as partners, and spouses, resulting in individual situations experiencing a level of toxicity, marked by struggle. The dynamic of a soulmate contract creates an imbalance, neediness, or codependency issues.

Souls in a one-sided soulmate contract can experience really difficult times with relationships, as they may be constantly searching for the one, or having commitment issues, and can be a challenge if both are in a relationship with other people.

Does letting go of a contract mean the relationship will end?

Soul contracts

Clearing in no way leads to the end of any relationship but rather we have another opportunity to remember where it originated and clear it! I have witnessed others create more love and peace in a relationship because the energy of obligation was no longer present. Any of those who have moved away from this agreement are able to do so with aligned positive endings.

Held within everyone is the subconscious part of our mind that holds those past memories that can be accessed through past life regression and recorded in the library of the Akashic records, so we can unlock our own healing by tapping this part of ourselves.

What are the benefits of doing this?

It means we can let go of any contract, so we move to the next phase of learning with what we came here to do and the most powerful starting point is becoming consciously aware of the root cause, understanding personally the meaning of your own present life experiences and the spiritual journey.

The benefit results in gaining clarity regarding the past life and viewing from the perspective of what we know now, that taking responsibility for someone else's actions, and trying to protect those involved can release the residue of patterns associated. Viewing the past life that instigated an unequal exchange of energy helps those to readdress this dynamic to no longer take responsibility for healing someone else by introducing healthy boundaries.

Those in soulmate agreements you can let it go, in my own experience, it was a period of ten years, becoming aware of patterns, viewing the past life that started our agreement, and using powerful tools which facilitated access to know my own answers from within!

To know more about how you can do this, click here.

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