• Tracey Matthews

Soul contract: Are you in one?

Updated: Sep 17

Hello and welcome to my blog page, today we are talking about the term contracts. In this article, we going to find out what contracts are, what are the signs, and how do we know if we are really in one!

The purpose of this blog is to shed a light on what is meant by contracts, what kind of contracts there are, and how to move forward with love and respect for the person you are energetically tied with by letting go, so with this in mind lets take a look at what contracts are.

What are contracts?

Contracts are essentially an agreement we have made to another person, this usually has originated from a past life that was shared with the same soul that has incarnated with you again. These contracts or agreements are not consciously made but are always reaffirmed by actions, and created in intense or traumatic real-life events that happened between you and another person in a previous life together.

A contract is like a thread that keeps you tied together, lifetime after lifetime. This energetic thread means you will keep incarnating and meeting up because there is an unresolved issue that needs to be worked out and let go of.

Contracts can linger on through many shared lifetimes together, changing gender roles, different circumstances, creating misalignments for one or both people holding on to their part of the agreement.