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Earthbound Spirits And Entities

Earthbound Spirits

Hello and welcome to my blog where I am talking about Earthbound spirits and entities with helpful hints on how to recognize these energies.

The purpose of this blog is to understand who Earthbound spirits and entities are. Why they attach to people, reveal the techniques used so they are not detected, and tell the difference between your thoughts and those of the attachments.

Some of the information mentioned here is from what I have learned along the way in my spiritual journey but the rest is from personal experience. During an intense ten-month episode of experiencing them from close proximity, I was embarrassed because these spirits were hanging around me. It was uncomfortable, as I could feel, hear, and see spirits in a way I had never experienced before. There was a sudden shift in hearing voices and could even distinguish between different personalities and energies.

I resisted what was unfolding and seemingly out of nowhere a serious mental health crisis had developed but from the inside, I witnessed something very different which is why I am sharing my experience.

What I had learned and saw from the inside was energetic but how it was experienced had real-life consequences that showed up as erratic behavior, a mind invasion on a negative trajectory, whilst simultaneously being cognizant these voices were not part of my mind!

So what are Earthbound spirits? Who were the other entities I observed?


Firstly, everyone has different references or labels when referring to spirits, and you might be familiar with names such as earthbound souls/spirits, ghosts, demons, dark force entities, fallen angels, or even have your own name. There is a shared understanding that we are not referring to spirit guides, angels, or other beings from the light.

So who are these spirits?

Earthbound spirits were once alive and lived in a physical human body, at the time of their transition and death they did not go to the light even though a spirit guide was waiting to welcome them back. These spirits remain earthbound without a physical body but still retain their mental and emotional bodies in energy form.

There are a variety of reasons why a spirit might choose to remain earthbound as some are confused at the time of death not realizing they are out of a physical body, whilst others due to sudden death are worried about those they have left behind and do not want to leave them and hang around getting caught up and enmeshed. There are others who are angry perhaps at people they shared life with and do not want to go to the light.

Although I had encountered Earthbound spirits previously in my work and moved them on, the level of intrusion I experienced over the period of ten months was overwhelming and a series of events unfolded which gave me a completely different perspective that led me to observe other entities who had a different agenda.

Who were the entities?

There were other entities that had been away from the source for a long time, had not experienced life in a physical body, and came with a strong intention to trick, deceive, and mascarade themselves as those from the light with the ability to create illusions and anchor hooks (energetic cords) to a person. The power of deception was strong, in fact, this disruptive energy was so impactful that I questioned myself and wondered if it had total power over me!

This was not the case but what was interesting I realized it was me that had inadvertently enabled their power, I gave them power over me and I will explain more about this later but for now, I have to admit this whole experience left me confused and rocked the foundation of my belief system and took me time to unravel the truth about what was taught versus what I witnessed firsthand.

One thing that became very apparent during this experience was the systematic patterns that were used and this is important and will be discussed next.


This section will help you to identify the patterns that Earthbound spirits and entities use when it comes to mind invasion.

What are these patterns?

Firstly, we all have thoughts and emotions that stem from a negative mindset that lowers our vibration, and these low-energy thoughts take their toll on us over an extended period of time. Earthbound spirits and entities exacerbate and piggyback on these low vibrations taking it to another level, so it's important to acknowledge they are not all to blame but they can exploit it!

So here are some clear indicators and patterns for you to consider that will help you differentiate your thoughts from those of any Earthboud spirit or entity.

Intrusive thoughts are thoughts that are unwanted and come into your mind with no connective thought patterns, they will catch you off guard, often inappropriate, and without any warning. These kinds of intrusive thoughts have no boundaries, i.e. non-stop speaking in your mind, no let up which can come into the mind suddenly.

This is the main way Earthbound spirits and entities go unnoticed and without blame!

Why is this?

This is because the symptoms have been linked with behaviors akin to mental health disorders but without the context of an energetic origin.

Can you tell the difference between your thoughts and the spirits?

Yes, by the level of intrusion, and the negative nature, as these thoughts follow a pattern of focusing your fears, memories, and weakness with the aim of evoking a reaction in you.

They can use phobias and depending on the person's particular fear, inject intrusive shocking images either in your mind's eye or using the illusion of them to manifest in reality, anything that evokes worry and fear can be used against you.

These intrusive thoughts come out of the blue and suddenly grip you and it's at this point a person will seek medical advice. So in other words these thoughts don't match your usual thoughts, they are extreme versions of your negative thoughts.

Why do some spirits attach to people?

Some Earthbound spirits attach so they can remain close to a person, or maybe it's a loved one, or friend. However, this can open the door to other entities whom a person does not know and whose agenda is not supporting but rather negatively draining a person's energy and living vicariously through a physical body.

Another pattern to look out for is the shift in hearing voices that often have different personalities, and characters that pretend and trick a person into thinking it is either a loved one, spirit guide, or angel. The fake spirits will be coercive, and tell you what to do, but with the pretense of being from the light. However, their true intention will shine through which is essentially negative. Those genuinely from the light hold the energy of love, guide us with love and never tell us what to say or disrespect boundaries.

I found an interesting pattern that can lead a person to believe that it was all a figment of the imagination. and that is because of something that these spirits do.

Cloaking and hiding are techniques that keep them from being detected. Cloaking is a covering or disguise that is used so you don't know they are there, fooling you into thinking that the symptoms have gone but in actual fact, they lay dormant, and attach to parts of the physical body, but a person will Intuitively sense, feel or know where the attachment is situated by feeling coldness on that part of the body.

Many of us are going through mental health issues and dealing with what is causing it. This blog is referencing a noticeable and sudden decline in thoughts that have escalated to an intrusive level or with hearing voices.

If you would like to find out more about other indicators, please take a look at spirit attachment symptoms.

Throughout my experience I developed new lenses that saw no judgment, it wasn't scary and I saw the patterns these spirits use by inserting their thoughts and emotions into a person's mind and we misinterpret them as our own!

I saw something else and that has to do with the spirits recognizing that you know the truth around these voices!


The truth is Earthbound spirits and entities are using various ways to cling on to a person, drain energy, trick a person either on a spiritual pretense or ride on the back of vulnerable low periods of a person's life by injecting intrusive thoughts into the mind and using intermittent cloaking and hiding to disguise themselves!

On the other hand, we have been taught to fear what is referred to as evil spirits, but from my experience it was like being stuck in close proximity with people who didn't have any respect, love, or regard, pretty much mirroring human tendencies at their worst.

It reminded me of The Wizard of Oz, where the man behind the curtain was able to create the illusion of a scary image, similarly behind each Earthbound spirit and entity is not so scary but rather a spirit that has its own history, intention, hurt, anger, and personal reasons why they are experiencing themselves away from the light.

Once the scary mask dropped and I acknowledged my part, that my own fear had inadvertently given them power, guess what happened?

They started to leave!

During mediation, I saw some entities who had reservations about returning to the source with the fear of being judged by others a sort of self-projection of what they would expect, others shared their sadness of how lost and exhausted they had become away from the light. Some were angry about what happened to them in a life from which they hadn't resolved or forgiven the souls from the life shared and were coming to terms with that.

What changed everything for me about Earthbound spirits and entities was how the spirit realm treated them, and that was with love. The source had so much love for these spirits that made attempts to return. I was moved, and confused but I soon realized it was an outdated belief that was replaced with the truth.

I hope this information will help all those who have been dealing with any of the patterns mentioned here, it is my aim to help others understand the energetic origin of real-life effect low energy spirits can have on a person's mental health but to also see past the fear and start the process of raising your vibration by connecting with the source energy so that they will leave.

You won't want to miss the next blog, as I will be talking about one of the most empowering gifts people have but they are not aware of it, in fact, they struggle with it, and without the energetic context it deserves, shows up as a mental health issue.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you might like to know more about this in the blog, spiritual awakening which looks at the connection between spiritual awakening and mental health as part of a much bigger picture and energetic root.

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