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How to perform the Hatsrei-ho

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

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Hello and welcome to my blog, today I am talking about the Hatsrei-ho, what this technique is, what the benefits are, and how to perform it!

The purpose of this blog is to reignite the passion and how to perform the Hatsrei-ho. If it's been a while or if you are new to this practice, then please have a go as you develop this wonderful Usui practice and strengthen your channel!

What is the Hatsrei-ho?

Hatseri-ho is a Usui technique that can enhance your Reiki channel and help you grow spiritually, with practice it allows you to strengthen the energy link whilst connecting with Universal energy, Chi, Prana, Life force energy, and Vital force energy in a deeper and more powerful way. This practice will strengthen your own channel, enhance meditation, and clear your aura.

How to preform the Hatsrei-ho

Step one

1. Sit on a chair relax and close your eyes

Put your hands on your lap with palms down

Place your focus onto your Hara-line (3-5 centimeters below the navel)

2. Focus and say in your mind, I will start Hatsurei-ho

3. Start dry bathing or brushing off

Breathe out as you brush and exhale by saying: aaaaaaaaah in breath

Brushing can be either with contact (touching) or in the aura (not touching)

How to dry brush

a. To start dry brushing, place the fingers of your right hand near the top of the left shoulder, with the fingertips on the edge of the shoulder (where the collarbone meets the shoulder) with your hand flat

b. Dry brush with a flat hand down across the chest in a straight line, over the sternum (where the rib cage meets) down to the right hip

c. Repeat this procedure again on the right side, using the left hand. Dry brush with a flat hand from the shoulder, in a straight line, across the sternum, to the left hip

d. Repeat the whole procedure again

e. This time place the right hand, flattened, down the outside of the arm, all the way to the fingertips, all the while keeping the left arm straight and at your side

f. Repeat this process on the right side, with the left hand on the shoulder, and drawing it down the right arm to the fingertips

g. Repeat the process on the right side again

Step two

Connect with Reiki by opening your palms up (or you can raise your hands up in the air) and allow Life force energy to flow through you as you would normally

1. Start taking some deep cleansing breaths, place your hands back on your lap with your palms up, breathe naturally and focus on your Hara line and relax

2. When you breathe in, visualize/feel the white light of Reiki coming in through your crown chakra, onto your Hara line and expand the whole of your body

3. Stay as long as you like here

Step three


Put your hands together holding them in front of your chest (like praying hands)

Focus your awareness on the point where your middle fingers are touching and put your tongue up to touch the roof of your mouth, then with each in-breath release your tongue on each out-breath, and notice how powerful that feels!

1. Keep the Gassho. Repeat the above breath in with your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, release, and breath out

2. When you breathe in, visualize/feel that the light stored in your Hara line radiates out through your hands and brings the energy into your Dantien. Breathe in through your hands

3. As you pause before exhaling, feel the energy getting stronger

4. As you breathe out, imagine that the energy in your Dantien floods back out of your hands

5. Enjoy the energy moving up, down, and around

State the five principles aloud or to yourself three times:

Just for today:

I shall not get angry

I shall not worry

I shall work honestly

I shall respect all life

I shall count my blessings with gratitude


Place your hands back on to your laps with your palms down

Say in your mind that, I have finished Hatsurei-ho

Bring yourself back, open your eyes, and shake your hands

The benefits of performing the Hatsrei-ho

This practice acts as a power center that allows the amazing feats of martial artists performed today and is further developed by meditation, exercise, martial arts, and Usui Reiki. Using the power located here allows us to increase intuition and sensitivity in our hands, and with practice, you can feel energy strongly as you strengthen your spiritual connection and increase your well-being!

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