• Tracey Matthews

How to perform the Hatsrei-ho

Updated: Sep 17

Hello and welcome to my blog, today I am talking about the Hatsrei-ho, what this technique is, what the benefits are, and how to perform it!

The purpose of this blog is to reignite the passion for this technique, if it's been a while or if you are new to this practice, then please have a go as you develop this wonderful Usui practice and strengthen your channel!

What is the Hatsrei-ho?

Hatseri-ho is a Usui technique that can enhance your Reiki channel and help you grow spiritually, with practice it allows you to strengthen the energy link whilst connecting with Universal energy, Chi, Prana, Life force energy, Vital force energy in a deeper and powerful way. This practice will strengthen your own channel, enhance meditation, and clear your aura.

How to do Hatsrei-ho

Step one

1. Sit on a chair relax and close your eyes

Put your hands on your lap with palms down

Place your focus onto your Hara-line (3-5 centimeters below the navel)