• Tracey Matthews

How to pronounce and use the Kotodama

Updated: Sep 17

Hello and welcome to my blog page, today I'm looking at the Kotadama, those beautiful sound resonances we learn in Usui Second degree that adds sound resonance when connecting with Reiki.

The purpose of this blog is to learn how to pronounce and use the Kottodama. If you are learning how to chant or it's been a while, please have ago, use it in personal healing and with clients but most importantly have fun with them!

What is the Kotodama?

Kotodama is phrases, vowel sounds, that play an important part in different aspects of Japanese life. Kotodama is found in Shintoism as invocations, Buddism as invocations, and mantras in some aspects of Buddhism.

In reiki, it seems that each symbol has an associated phrase that can be repeated three times or repeated as a mantra, which intensifies the reiki effect as we say them out aloud.

Kotodama is very old, the word means ‘word spirit’ or ‘the soul of language’. They come from Shintoism, the religion of Japan. Kotodama represents the forces of the universe, and there is a collection of them that turns up in many aspects of Japanese life. They appear within Shintoism and Buddism as mantras for meditation, within Martial Arts as a way of focusing ki and with Reiki. Usui's studies took him to many areas of exploration gaining knowledge and you can read more about what he was looking for in this article, why did Usui pursue Reiki?