My journey started in 2004 as a result of a career change, it was in 2010 at the busiest time in my business, that I became exhausted, running close to empty that Reiki was introduced to me and something inside me told me to explore this further. 


I didn't anticipate that a simple technique would change the direction of my life!



In 2011, my learning continued with Reiki level 2, and by the following year completed Reiki Master and later on, Karuna Reiki Practitioner in 2013.  It was around this time that I accessed the Akashic Records, this knowledge put a different perspective on my spiritual journey because I gained so much clarity about my life and what I was here to learn and do.  After a serious wrist injury in 2016, I transitioned into serving others in a new way, by teaching the powerful technique of Reiki and helping others to understand their spiritual journey and life experiences.


My journey has led me to qualify in Hypnotherapy (DHP Acc. Hyp) and my studies have continued with Past Life Regression, tapping into the subconscious mind to understand the meaning of present life experiences through the lenses of our past. 


I will be adding this service in the summer!

H O W   I  C A N   A S S I S T   Y O U

I have created a safe environment that will help you learn and master the technique of Reiki for the in-person courses and also to facilitate all in-person Past Life Regression sessions. 

Your soul records contain information about your soul's origin and what unique gifts you bring to this life and will answer those soul-searching questions that so many of us seek on the spiritual journey and when going through a spiritual awakening.


This session is by phone including landline and Skype, in the comfort of your own home, so you can receive this information about your souls' path and evolution without having to fit in additional travel.

For more information on any of the services, or if you would like to have a chat, please click here.

Tracey :)

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