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About me

In 2010 I learned Reiki and for the first time, I was able to connect to source energy and hear my higher self.

This changed my life and from this, I could hear from my higher self what I had come here to do. I began to realize that I had been here before and used my Akashic records to let go of blocks and restrictions. so I could move through the hurdles in life.

This has become even more powerful when learning the Delores Cannon quantum healing hypnosis technique, QHHT as this can help you heal physical ailments, get to the root of what is causing mental health issues, and receive spiritual clarity in what you have come here to do.

There are many things we have to deal with in life that can distract us and take us off our path, however, we all can find our way back to source when we are ready to do so.

I'm here to help you connect back to source and hear your Higher Self so you can get back on your path and do what you came here to do.

Please message me or contact me by email, so I can help you find your way back to source.


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