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I started my journey around the time of a career change in 2004, entering the would of beauty and massage therapy, it was in 2010 at the busiest time in my business, that I became exhausted, running close to empty that Reiki was introduced to me and something inside me told me to explore this further. 



My learning continued with Reiki and the Akashic Records, this gave me the missing piece of the puzzle on my spiritual journey. For the first time, I had clarity about my life and spiritual journey, why I wasn't manifesting to my full potential, and a deeper awareness of the inner power, the internal voice, and all I had to do was access and connect with this all-knowing part which has so much wisdom and answers!


After a serious wrist injury in 2016, helping others in their journey of self-discovery became important so that others can begin the healing process of accessing their power, trusting that internal compass, and understanding their own life's experiences and journey.


My journey has led me to past life regression, seeing through the lens of the soul, gaining an understanding of the whole experience. This was a game-changer because it allowed me to view my past learning experiences from a safe place.  Viewing firsthand was another way of accessing the inner true self, asking directly from this powerful part gave me a new meaning, a deeper level of orientation, trusting the internal compass, the higher self, my soul.

I'm here to support you in your journey, and if you would like to view more information, find out how you can work with me.



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