Welcome to Learn Reiki and Connect, my aim is to assist everyday people to expand their consciousness and function at their highest potential.

  • Do you want to reduce stress and find a reliable way to relax on a deeper level?

  • Are you ready to transform your life by taking a Reiki Course and learn practical ways to implement change? 

  • Do you want to know the real root of life's challenges, issues, and problems in areas of relationships, health and in financial matters?

Then you're in the right place!

Learn Reiki and Connect supports you to unlock your healing potential with Reiki. Learn how to transform your life from the inside out and understand the real root of life's problems, from a Soul perspective.

Please take a look at the Services below and see where you'd like to begin.

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Learn Reiki for yourself by taking a Course

Reiki Sessions & Specific Healing 


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Soul-discovery through the Akashic Records



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Bring in new energy with a home clearing

Reiki Shares

This event is held on alternate months, on the third Sunday, in East Reading.

This is an opportunity for sharing Reiki with others and enjoy a guided meditation. 



September 15th 

November 17th

January 19th

Sunday 3pm-4.30pm

Would you like to join us?

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