Reiki Courses

This is an in-person Usui Reiki course. There are many benefits to learning Reiki, it will give you a sense of deep peace and well-being, the ability to unlock your own healing potential and step into a new inner authority by taking control of your life.  You will learn how to consciously connect with ease to Reiki and meditate with self-healing. 

Change your life from the inside out

Reiki sessions

People come for a Reiki session for many different reasons. It may be due to stress, anxiety, inability to sleep, intense fatigue, or even post-surgery and health issues. Some use these sessions as a way to address a busy work balance, to connect with their inner self, clear their head to instill peace of mind or as a top-up for personal well being.

Experience the benefits of deep relaxation  

Past Life Regression

The deep relaxed state during this session will allow you to explore all emotions and feelings in a safe environment, bringing the past life to the fore of your mind, helping you understand what you're experiencing now, and why you are viewing the past life. During these significant moments, you will be able to gain clarity, release, and have the opportunity to heal so you can move forward.

Access you own knowledge and wisdom

Akashic Records

Akashic Records will help you gain a different perspective about your soul's origin and what unique gifts you bring to this life. This session will answer those soul-searching questions that so many seek on the spiritual journey!

Remember who you are at soul level

Home Energy Clearing

There are many reasons why an in-depth clearing session is required for your home, perhaps you are on a spiritual journey and you have become increasingly sensitive to the fact that the vibration does not feel the same or you want to bring in new energy to your home. 

Effective home energy clearing

Additional One Hour Session

This additional one hour can be used after the Reiki course follow-up sessions have been completed, or as a tag-on for an extended time. This hourly addition can also be used for extra time after Akashic Records follow-up. This can not be used for a Reiki session.

Additional one hour session