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Experience Your Connection With Universal Energy!

Tune Into Reiki

The Usui Reiki pathway is a focused intentional method that is designed to help individuals tune into the light within and use it to heal themselves and navigate the world around them. Through the power of intention, you will learn how to harness your inner energy to meditate and quieten the mind. With my help, you can learn to unlock the true potential within yourself and find harmony and balance in your everyday life.

Hear Your Higher Self

This Reiki training program is designed to help you focus your mind, meditate develop your connection with your higher self, and tune into your intuition, which can help you to gain clarity on your purpose. I provide a variety of training options to suit your needs, including online home learning courses, in-person one-to-one courses at my teaching room in Reading, and remote Skype courses without the need for travel. These techniques are tailored to help you achieve inner peace, clarity, and an improved state of being. 

Heal Yourself 

Reiki is a powerful technique that has been left in our consciousness so we can find our way back on the path. These Reiki courses focus on the unique needs of each individual and are designed to help you heal what is causing physical ailments, reduce sensitivity overwhelm, and manage anxiety and stress by connecting with the light within. I am dedicated to helping others gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities and unlock their full potential. 

I have a teaching room based in Reading for those who wish to do the in-person Reiki course. 


I also teach by Skype for those who are unable to travel, which may include difficulties in taking a full day off work or having childcare commitments, and those who can't leave pets unattended for a whole day.


Additional information, times, and prices along with course content for the in-person and remote Reiki courses, can be found on the online store.

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