Usui Reiki courses are for anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery, all those who want to develop their intuition and psychic abilities.  Maybe you've heard so much about Reiki and it's time to learn it for yourself or you want to improve your quality of life.  Perhaps you are experiencing a spiritual awakening and everything has led you to learn this.


The Usui courses are designed to provide you with the confidence to unlock your own healing potential and to embrace your intuitive gifts through each level with a shift in awareness.

This is a certificated Course with training and initiation in the Usui Reiki Tradition of Natural Healing

Reiki level one

This course is for beginners, for personal growth, starting your spiritual journey, spiritual awakening, want to be a healer, exploring the healing modalities, want physical and spiritual well-being, learn to meditate, quietening the mind.

Reiki level two

This level is an intermediate natural progression from level one, many enjoy this course for personal use.  But if you do want a Practitioner level, this is excellent for those starting up a new practice and for adding to existing services.  


There are many professions that are using Reiki in personal and professional life, such as Massage therapists, Yoga instructors, NLP, Life Coaches, Spiritual Coaches, Nurses, and medical wellness professions, those working in family law, Teachers, Hypnotherapists to name a few.


Reiki Master 3a

This phase is about learning self-mastery for continued personal growth, tapping into inner empowerment, intuition, accessing knowledge and wisdom from within, transformation. 

Reiki Master Teacher 3b

This is a separate course for those who desire to teach this technique, for those whose mission is centered around serving others, personal calling, and attune.

Please note all Usui Reiki Courses are in-person with direct attunements passed to you​

Course Certification


  • Certificates entitle you to join the UK Reiki Federation at various Membership 

  • Balens insurance for members at the Practitioner level 

  • All course levels detailing what you will learn and prices are in the online store


These courses are relaxing, healing, rewarding, fun and spiritually satisfying with one-to-one attention, including practical demonstrations so you are confident with this technique. 


The course content is delivered over two consecutive days and once the course is complete, you will move into the phase of self-healing with free support calls scheduled whilst you complete healing practice.

"Learning Reiki has really helped me to rebalance and protect myself both emotionally and mentally.


Tracey is an excellent tutor who through every step of the course has been on hand to explain and help me to put into practice what I have learned... 

It was one of the best courses I have undertaken, it has allowed me to become in tune with my body and soul."

Bev Watson


There are many benefits to learning Reiki, it will give you a sense of deep peace and well-being, the ability to unlock your own healing potential and step into a new inner authority by taking control of your life. You will learn how to consciously connect with ease to Reiki and meditate with self-healing.  


Learning this technique will allow you to hold space for family members, children, and pets as they benefit from your healing touch.  Reiki shifts consciousness and gives a new direction in life, you will transform life from the inside and awaken your true potential.










"I have just finished Reiki level 1 with Tracey, it has changed so many things for me on so many levels. Tracey is very patient and has great knowledge of Reiki.  She is a good listener and understands questions before jumping to answer them... 


My attunements were so beautiful and special... the follow-up sessions I had so many questions which Tracey very patiently answered... it was a great experience ."

Neetu Gill


Would you like to experience these benefits personally?