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Online Reiki Course Level 1 Certification

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Get a certificate by completing the program.


​ONLINE REIKI COURSE LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATED PROGRAM This course will help you to mediate using the power of your intention, connect with the source energy, start intuitive self-healing, learn how you already tune into energy and put on energetic boundaries to manage sensitivity. This course will help you heal and hear your higher self, use what you know to assist family, friends and pets. This is a home learning video based course with step by step modules, a guided meditation, distant attunements. If you have already done Reiki level 1, this course is a great refresher course! > Beginner's level > Learn with step-by-step videos > Attune with Reiki source  > How to connect with Reiki > How to manage sensitivity > Energetic protection > Mediate and self-heal > Share Reiki with family and friends   > Share Reiki with pets​ > How to clear energy in your home > Completing the 21-day healing  > Certificated course



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