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Online Reiki Course Level 2 Certification

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ONLINE REIKI COURSE LEVEL 2 CERTIFICATE PROGRAM This course is a follow-on from Reiki level 1 and will help you to develop and grow your focus to meditate, connect with source and heal trauma from the past using timelines. You will learn how to send distant healing, charge crystals, use sound resonance during meditation what the symbols mean, and how to use them. You will be required to do reflective practice for this level 2. This is a home learning video-based course with step-by-step modules, guided meditation, and distant attunements. If you have already done Reiki level 2, this course is a great refresher course! > Must have done Reiki level 1 > Personal development & > Practitioner level > Distant Healing > Reiki Timelines > Usui Reiki symbols > Kotodama > Crystals & Reiki > Self-heal and meditate > Protection & 21 days of healing > Reflective practice > Certificate issued after reflective practice


Learn Reiki and Connect
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