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This Akashic Record session is a powerful tool in remembering who you are and where you come from, and how to manifest what you want fully aligned to you, and access your own wisdom that will serve you in your present life.

Please read Akashic Record Notes below how to book this session.

The information outlined in this session will give you:

  • Answers to all important questions
  • Access your own soul-level potential to manifestation
  • Release what is stopping you and clear what is holding you back
  • Move forward in your life's experiences by tapping into your own inner wisdom

".. the only way I can explain this experience was an understanding/awareness, the "aha!" moment when you realise you've found something that you've been wanting to know all along.. I have begun to approach situation and understand myself in a different way and have a clearer idea of what I came here to do.. "Acacia M



This session includes tapping into the essence of who we really are!

Your soul nature and gifts that makes you unique, gaining clarity in your journey

  • The origin of your soul
  • What soul level gift you bring to this life
  • How to determine you are living in harmony with your gift
  • Your primary life lesson for this life
  • Pinpoint if your soul-level potential is restricted by a past life or present life block
  • Determine if you are fully aligned with the manifestation process


This session also includes uncovering the dynamics between you and a loved one, this can be a family member, friend, partner, spouse or your child. This is very helpful in understanding your relationship from a soul perspective and will shed a light on the energy between you and clarifying why you are meeting up again.

  • What you and this person have chosen to experience in this life
  • Uncovering karma between you both
  • How many lifetimes you have shared with this person
  • Learn if you are in any contracts and what that means


This session also includes getting to the root of what is happening in any difficult or challenging circumstances you may be encountering, or have experienced giving you the opportunity to gain clarity within specific areas.

  • Health matters
  • Financial misalignments
  • Career path
  • Some one in your life


This session will help you connect with your Spirit Guides in a deeper way and confirm to you how they impulse you to get your attention, highlight how each guide is contributing and assisting you with your path and purpose for your present incarnation.

  • How many guides are assigned to you
  • Areas they are supporting you
  • Asking for assistance
  • Messages

" I recently had a soul reading with Tracey it was really amazing to find out where I come form and unlock things in this lifetime and understand my strengths and weaknesses. Tracey is really great at explaining things and a pleasure to have spoken with her she makes you feel at ease... a great reading! " Laura K


  • To book this session please contact me to arrange an appointment and please supply information required for this session
  • Once appointment has been made, please go ahead and confirm your booking online by adding to bag and purchase this session
  • First session is 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Second session is 1 hour for Q&A after your initial session
  • This session is over the phone
  • Please take a look at Akashic Record Notes below

Refund policy


When you contacted me for an appointment, you can go ahead and confirm your Akashic session by booking on the online store, the following will happen:

  • You will receive a receipt
  • I will request some information for this session

The Akashic session will take place over the phone by either Skype, mobile, or landline (no video calls due to unpredictable connection and interruption)


You will be reminded one day before your appointment with a routine reminder text

  • You will receive a text 15 minutes before I call you on the day of the appointment
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule
  • No shows for booked appointments are non-refundable
  • First session 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Second session is 1 hour arranged after the initial session
  • Both sessions are by phone

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