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This session is a valuable aid in understanding those around us that are sharing our life experience with. Some people come into our lives and there is an instant soul recognition!

Some connections change the way we view things whilst others can get under our skin and challenge us. This session reveals why you both have chosen the present life together, and what other relationships we tried out previously.

This session can be used to uncover the dynamics between you and a friend, family member, romantic partner/spouse or your child.

The information covered in this session:

  • Viewing the person that you care about from a soul perspective
  • How many lifetimes you have shared with this person
  • Uncovering karma between you both
  • Clarity over the dynamics between you and how it affects you
  • Discover what you have chosen to experience with this particular person
  • What is Soul mate contract
  • Learn if you are in a contract


  • Session takes place over the phone
  • To book this session please contact me to arrange an appointment
  • Confirm your booking online by adding to bag and purchase
  • This is a 1 hour session
  • Includes an additional free 30 minute Q&A follow up call after your session
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