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Heal With Past Life Regression

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

past life regression

Hello and welcome to my blog page.

In this blog, I am talking about what is known as, the quantum healing hypnosis technique, QHHT, and how we can heal with past life regression.

The purpose of this blog is to look at past life regression that Delores Cannon pioneered and how this session can help you heal what is causing any physical ailments, and mental health problems, answer any questions about your personal life, and health issues, and receive spiritual clarity in what you have come here to do.

At the heart of this technique is accessing the higher self, the subconscious for therapy and healing.

So what is the higher self?

The Higher Self And Subconscious

This session is led by your higher self, the subconscious, your soul!

In Delores Cannon's hypnosis method, when she found a way to speak with the higher self she didn't know what to call it, she made reference to it not being the part of the mind that was used to stop smoking or for weight loss, but rather an oversoul,

It is the part of you that holds so much wisdom and knowledge, the intuitive knowing, it is the real you, the eternal, unlimited part that guides you and teaches you and it also holds memories deep within the subconscious part of your mind.

Hypnosis is an effective way to access the deeper memories held in your subconscious, it allows you to view where issues started so you can understand why deep worries, and fears. health matters and relationship challenges are happening in this life. Your Soul holds the memory of every life you have lived, with in-depth precision regarding all the choices, intentions, and karmic consequences of them, including the lessons you are here to learn in your present life.

Sometimes unconscious patterns remain and are carried forward into this life, therefore accessing this part of you can help resolve any unanswered questions you have and fit the pieces of the puzzle together, seeing the bigger picture as to why you have experienced particular hardships and challenges.

Your higher self knows at a deeper level the answers and this session will help you tap into this inner understanding from within so you can resolve, release, and move forward in life.

What does a past life regression session involve?

Past Life Regression Session

This session will assist you to go into a natural state of hypnosis which is similar to meditation, using part of the mind we use to daydream before you fall asleep, however, during this session, you will not be asleep.

We all naturally go into brain frequencies every day from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep but are not aware of it, this session will assist you in relaxing into the natural state of alpha, to deepen into theta using the right side of the brain, where all pictures and imagination is.

You will be awake but in an altered awareness of total relaxation which is how you will access your subconscious mind where inner wisdom and knowledge about your past and present life as a spiritual being is stored.

This deeply relaxed state will allow you to explore all emotions and feelings in a safe environment, bringing the past life to the fore of your mind, and helping you understand what you're experiencing, and why you are viewing the past life. During these significant moments of the session, you will be able to gain clarity so you can move forward.

What will happen on the day of the session?

  • You will have a consultation to discuss the main reason for the session, areas in life that require insight, and personal areas such as challenges involving relationships, or childhood, and may include spiritual clarity and insight.

  • Next, you will prepare for hypnosis by knowing what to expect during hypnosis and understanding the process so you feel safe and happy.

  • You will go through all questions that require answers about life, health, and body, understanding and gaining clarity regarding your spiritual journey so you will receive the answers from the higher self.

  • Then start the session for hypnosis which will be audio-recorded.

  • ​This session will conclude with a post-chat about the main highlights of the session and the importance of listening to the recording which will be sent via Dropbox, this recording will be available 5 days before it expires.

Here are some questions that others wanted to know about QHHT and how to get the best from this session.

Questions About QHHT

What is the difference between other past life regressions and Delores Cannon's QHHT?

  • QHHT involves an in-depth consultation on the same day of your hypnosis session, your higher self will show you a former self and how that relates to you now

  • You have the opportunity to ask questions and strengthen the bond between the conscious self and the higher self

  • Get to the root of what you want to know during the session

  • Gain clarity in life and purpose

  • Healing

Why is the session time 4 hours?

The session time has allocated time slots for the consultation, and preparing for hypnosis so that you are aware of what to expect, go over any question then have the session. After the session, we will go over key points and ensure you are awake and grounded before leaving.

Will I be sleeping during the session and what will I be doing?

No, you will be awake during the session with your eyes closed and held in a frequency similar to meditation, and fully relaxed lying down. I will be speaking to you and you will be responding with words and talking.

Will I remember the session?

Yes, you will remember the session and you will gain additional insight when listening back to the audio recording.

How will I know that the information is coming from my higher self?

The information will be received intuitively, the pictures, images, feelings, and sensing will come from the inside not outside of you. Some of the information is just below the conscious thinking mind, it will flow. Information from the conscious mind interrupts that flow, expresses doubt, and searches for answers but don't worry about that I can spot that and get you back on track.

Delores Cannon talked about instant healing, can that happen?

This session is not a quick fix or a medical treatment, and some contributory factors such as beliefs, and karmic choices will play a part in how personal healing is received. Delores Cannon was clear that any healing comes from a person's higher self by coming to terms with what is causing any physical ailments or affecting a person's mental and emotional health, this is not the role of the facilitator to perform healing but rather to hold a space for the intention of the session.

The audio recording of the session is an essential part of the process whereby additional healing, and clarity are received.

What can I do to get the best from my session?

  • Set your intention to connect with that part of you and trust your intuition

  • Don't analyze, just say what you see. feel, know, and your higher self will flow

  • Listen to what is being asked and describe what is happening

This keeps the conscious mind from getting involved and the higher self the freedom to flow through!

Why Choose QHHT Past Life Regression

Quantum healing hypnosis will give you the opportunity to heal unresolved issues that are affecting you now, and you can ask any question to your subconscious mind, the higher self, so you can understand why you are experiencing challenges in life, and what your purpose is.

This session will allow you to access your truth, understand the origin of a particular issue or where a challenge has come from, and why you are learning this. It can give you spiritual insights that will help you to process the information your higher self is highlighting, and the opportunity to heal, and acquire a new perspective.

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