• Tracey Matthews

Heal with past life regression

Updated: 7 days ago

Hello and welcome to my blog page.

In this blog, I am talking about past life regression, how we can use this powerful tool to heal, by going to the deepest memories of our subconscious whereby we can view our former selves to gain valuable insight pertaining to our present life.

Past life regression opens the door to discover the true meaning of our life's experiences, in remembering what we came here to do but to gain a unique perspective that can bring harmony to our lives.

The purpose of this blog is to identify the part of us that is called the higher self, the subconscious mind, the superconscious, that holds much wisdom and knowledge, and how we can tap into that. Add clarity and healing through the lenses of the past so we and let go of what keeps us from moving forward by getting to the root of any challenges we face in the area of health, relationships, misalignments, or particular hardships giving us the true meaning behind these experiences.

What is this part of us and how we can tap into it?

The higher self and subconscious mind

The higher self is that part of you that is the intuitive knowing, it comes to the fore when we make life decisions about a path to take or to avoid. It is the real you, the eternal, unlimited part that guides you and teaches you through insight, it also holds past memories deep within the subconscious.

Is it possible to access this part of ourselves?

Yes, we can access this part of ourselves, there are a variety of ways from using a pendulum to unlock intuition, through meditation, using guided meditation. and by connecting to the energy source, known as Reiki which powerfully enables a person to reach a deep meditative state of relaxation, to feel calm whilst in a wakeful relaxation. These meditative states help us access the higher self, slow us down reaching a brain frequency known as Alpha state making us more respective intuitively and hear the higher self.

Another way to consider is through using hypnosis, which will bring you into a deep state of relaxation, a trance-like state of mediation, to access the deep part of the subconscious whereby you will be guided deep enough to view the memories of your past.

The subtle body

If we look at the subtle body we have seven vortexes of energy within our physical body and they regulate energy through our body by connecting us to the subtle spiritual body, this whole Chakra system is one of the biggest show and tells we have within our third-dimensional existence as it connects us the cosmos, the Universe but each energy center also correlates to the area of the physical body and the spiritual one.

The Chakra system connects us beyond the present life we are experiencing, our upper Chakras opens the door to the essence of who we really are, the soul!

How is this relevant to what we are talking about?

The soul star Chakra lies above our head (crown chakra) situated two feet above, this is how we access more of the expanded Universe, increase our spiritual awareness of who we really are, just like the other energy centers have a specific meaning, so does this one.

This soul star, the eighth Chakra holds information about every life we have lived, what experiences we learned, why we choose certain experiences, the reasons for learning lessons,

within this center is the Akashic Records. When our soul is ready to free itself from the karmic build-up and loosen the ties of self-limited patterns that keep us stuck, this will spark something inside us.

In other words, when this Chakra activates we start to ask questions about our lives, try to put the pieces together, intuitively recognize things are happening for a reason, and the desire to know why are we here?

This triggers the quest to find out more and start us on the journey!

The journey of self-discovery

The journey of self-discovery takes us on a journey, of remembering who we are and where we've come from, we begin to resonate with the idea we have been here before or ask questions like why are we here? What happens to us when we die?

The hypnosis state allows you to view any issues, deep worries, fears. health matters, relationship challenges, and will give you a spiritual clarificati