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How to balance your Chakras in 3 simple steps

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

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Hello and welcome to my Blog page, today I'm talking about our Chakra system!

Most of us know about Chakras, if you're going through a spiritual awakening, you become aware of yourself on a level beyond your third-dimensional state. This makes us become very interested in who we are on a deeper level and consequently search for answers by connecting with our Angels and Guides. Our Chakra plays a vital role in our awareness and most importantly in our overall well-being.

When Chakras are out of balance this will affect our mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

So if they aren't functioning properly how do we know?

The purpose of this blog is for you to balance your own Chakras and to be able to ascertain their flow, know how each center correlates to the physical and subtle body, and to bring balance to the relevant area of life.

We are going to look at seven Chakras in the order of where they are situated in our physical body and our Soul Chakra which links us to the spirit realm and opens the door to our Soul's gift and life purpose whilst incarnated.

What exactly are Chakras and where did this knowledge originate from?

The concept of these focal points in the subtle body was used within Buddhist and Hindu teachings, spreading to Tibetan Buddhism, and Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, before reaching the Western world. So knowledge about our energy system has been around and understood for a long time. Chakras have been described as wheels of spinning energy, likened to a vortex whirlwind of energy. We have seven within our physical body and they regulate energy through our body by connecting us to our subtle spiritual body. How many Chakra do we have? Our awareness has developed to discover that we possess countless other Chakras in different dimensional states!

This underlines that we are energetic beings made from this Universe, we are Souls having a human experience, and collectively we are becoming aware of ourselves, that we are part of a much bigger picture! Our Chakras function at their optimum when we are connected, you may know this to be Chi, Prana, Vital force energy, or another name known for Universal Life force energy, also known as from the Japanese word, Reiki!

Situated in subtle the body, our Chakras regulate the following:

1st. The Root

  • This is located at the bottom of your spine in your groin area ~ red in colour.

  • Associated physical area: Bones, legs, ankles, adrenal glands, large intestines.

  • This center of our survival and our belonging to a tribe, family, or earth.

  • Imbalance can show as no sense of belonging or safety, money, being grounded, and disinterested in the joy and pleasure of physical life.

2nd. The Sacral

  • This is located below your belly button ~ orange in colour.

  • Associated physical area: Reproductive system, bladder, kidneys, lower abdomen,

  • This Chakra is the center of desire, pleasure, procreation, creativity, and sexuality.

  • Imbalance can show up as financial issues, trouble manifesting what we want, feeling unimportant, and low self-esteem.

3rd. The Solar Plexis

  • This is located above your belly button under your rib cage ~ yellow in colour.

  • Associated physical area: Digestive system, pancreas, adrenals.

  • This Chakra is the center of emotional feelings, personal power, ambition, and your ability to achieve.

  • Imbalance can present with having no goals, being stuck, having no motivation, fatigue, and a lack of personal power.

4th. The Heart

  • This is located in your chest region ~ green in colour.

  • Associated physical area: Sternum, heart, lungs.

  • This is the center of love and compassion.

  • Imbalance can present with having no love towards ourselves, being critical of ourselves and others, and affecting relationships.

5th. The Throat

  • This is located in your throat area ~ blue in colour.

  • Associated physical areas: Neck, thyroid, and parathyroid glands.

  • This is the center of communication and self-expression.

  • Imbalances can show as being unexpressed, unable to speak up, listening or being heard, and unable to give authentic self-expression.

6th. Third Eye

  • This is located on your forehead, between your eyes ~ indigo in colour.

  • Associated physical areas: Sinusitis, poor vision, insomnia.

  • This is the center of the spiritual nature of our life, our perception of knowledge, inner vision, and wisdom.

  • Imbalances can show as being unable to access our own intuition, lack of insight, clarity, trouble in accessing our sense of purpose, or individual path.

7th. The Crown

  • This is located on the top of our head ~ violet in colour.

  • Associated physical areas: Central nervous system, pineal gland, the head.

  • This is the center of our higher states of consciousness, enlightenment, and spiritual connection.

  • Imbalance can show up as a disconnect from the creator's source, no connection or guidance from a higher power, and disempowerment.

8th. The Soul star

  • This is located two feet above the top of your head.

  • This Chakra holds karmic residue from lifetimes of worn-out self-limiting beliefs, and patterns, uncovering spiritual gifts, who you really are, and your Soul's purpose.

  • Imbalance can show up as lacking purpose, confusion, unsettled, and directionless. May have an obsession with spirituality and enlightenment.

What can we learn about ourselves from each Chakra and how we can interpret the condition of our own energy system, so can balance our Chakra?

You might like to consider and develop your own assessment of awareness of how that translates to you by considering a quick check on three states.


The simple guide check is what we will use when looking at each individual Chakra, this is how we can determine what is going on within an area of life associated with a particular Chakra, enabling us to work out what is out of balance on our part. This will help us to bring attention to our thoughts, how that translates to our feelings, and then our bodies. This (the body), is the place it will show up physically, enabling us to consider how our actions, or lack of action, all contribute to our overall balance,

With this in mind let's consider the following state:


Our mind is where we hold thoughts, so think about what the most prominent thoughts are in your mind right now. Ensure you are in a place of calm - this may be after meditating or if you practice Reiki, you can ask to connect. Set your intention by stating clearly what you want to find out, which in this instance is identifying the off-balance area of life and the associated Chakra, Ask for your Angel and Guides to assist you. Personally, I like to have a pen and paper to write down what comes to mind.

Now, reference back to those prominent thoughts - which life area do they relate to, and furthermore, which Chakra regulates this life area?


Our thoughts transfer into our feelings and this is very telling, A good question is to ask is: how are you feeling right now?

Now you've noticed what your prominent thoughts are and have identified which Chakra they relate to, Therefore, the next logical step is to describe fully exactly how you are feeling and be completely honest while doing so.


Our bodies are where a physical manifestation will show up, the place that shows an imbalance. So, it's crucial to get an idea of what being off-balance may look like to you by considering your body. What is it telling you?

Our physical (life) experience is also one of the biggest 'show and tells' indicators that we have to interpret information because when we look at ourselves from a Soul perspective; our actions are what create Karma.

Now consider what you are doing or not doing, is that contributing to this imbalance? Are these imbalances caused by lifestyle?

Finally, another sound way of confirming what our Higher Self and what your soul already knows, is by using a pendulum. If you're already on your Reiki journey, you will be familiar with this technique.


Have you tried using a pendulum?

The reason why I use this tool and teach this is that we have a tendency to second guess ourselves when in actual fact, we know a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. Being in touch with your sense of truth is a beautiful thing because this is coming from an internal compass within and we don't have to look to anyone else.

Accurate use of a pendulum is a good way to confirm what you intuitively know. Sign up and get a free guidebook.

This guidebook will help you to program your pendulum and how intuitively ask questions about the flow of your Chakras, how to move forward when stuck, and where you are on your path.


Our Chakras are part of our energetic being!

It's useful to home in precisely your thoughts, translate your feelings, and then consider your physical body, look at your health and personal actions, or possibly lack of as this all paints an energetic picture.

The flow of Life Force Energy is vital to our well-being, so by putting the pieces of the jigsaw together, we can then self-reflect, and intuitively learn to interpret what we are facing and going through and how this is affecting us.

The technique of Reiki is a powerful, timeless practice, which is just as potent today as when it was discovered by Mikao Usui. In fact, this unique way of connecting to Reiki teaches you to connect with intent by being aware of how that feels to you. This is done by bringing in consciousness, with all the extra goodies, from soaking up this energy through self-healing.

Connecting to the Creator source allows us to keep a healthy flow of Vital force energy!

For more information, please click here.

For more information on learning Reiki, click here.

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