• Tracey Matthews

How to balance your Chakras in 3 simple steps

Updated: Sep 17

Hello and welcome to my Blog page, today I'm talking about our Chakra system!

Most of us know a thing or two about Chakras, if you're going through a spiritual awakening, you become aware of yourself on a level beyond your third-dimensional state. This makes us become very interested in who we are on a deeper level and consequently search for answers by connecting with our Angels and Guides. Our Chakra plays a vital role in our awareness and most importantly in our overall well-being.

When Chakras are out of balance this will affect our mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

So if they aren't functioning properly how do we know?

The purpose of this blog is for you to balance your own Chakras and to be able to ascertain their flow, know how each center correlates to the physical and subtle body, and to bring balance to the relevant area of life.

We are going to look at seven Chakras in the order of where they are situated in our physical body and our Soul Chakra which links us to the spirit realm and opens the door to our Soul's gift and life purpose whilst incarnated.

What exactly are Chakras and where did this knowledge originate from?

The concept of these focal points in the subtle body was used within Buddhist and Hindu teachings, spreading to Tibetan Buddhism, Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, before reaching the Western world. So knowledge about our energy system has been around and understood for a long time. Chakras have been described as wheels of spinning energy, likened to a vortex whirlwind of energy. We have seven within our physical body and they regulate energy through our body by connecting us to our subtle spiritual body. How many Chakra's do we have? Our awareness has developed to discover that we possess countless other Chakras in different dimensional states!

This underlines that we are energetic beings made from this Universe, we are Souls having a human experience, and collectively we are becoming aware of ourselves, that we are part of a much bigger picture! Our Chakras function at their optimum when we are connected, you may know this to be Chi, Prana, Vital fo