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Why did Usui pursue Reiki?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

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Hello and welcome to today's blog, looking at Mikao Usui, asking why did he pursue Reiki?

The purpose of this blog is to find out what was his driving force behind pursuing Reiki and how did he find what was later on called Reiki? Why did he pioneer this healing system, and most importantly, what we can learn from our own journey and spiritual awakening?

Who was Usui

Mikao Usui was born in 1865 and was married with two children, throughout his life he had a number of professions, from being a public servant, reporter, politician's secretary, missionary, and social worker. to name a few. We know that he had his fair share of challenges in his earlier life such as lack of money, no security, and at times he didn't have regular employment, he even experienced bankruptcy.

Usui's studies took him to many areas of exploration gaining knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, numerology, and astrology including working on his psychic and clairvoyant development. He was knowledgeable about medicine, psychology, and the theology of religion around the world, and his training was rooted in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism.

We know that he pursued Martial Arts from a young age, and was renowned for his expertise in this area developing a sound reputation and the nickname of Sensei, meaning teacher.

So why did Usui pursue Reiki?

Usui's Motivation

He was on his own spiritual journey learning and seeking answers to many questions, one of which was how Jesus could heal to which he studied the Christain scriptures, he also recalled that Buddha healed the sick and had great control of energy, therefore he began reading the sutras, the writings, and teachings of Buddha.

Usui was deeply interested in how he could achieve enlightenment, he asked an abbot how to achieve this state. The abbot responded that there are three ways, he could think of to attain enlightenment, which could be reached through one's own actual death, being alone in meditation, and through trauma, with encouragement from an abbot, he recommended Usui meditate to find these answers from within.

Usui was looking for spiritual insight and self-realization. his purpose in life and despite all his exhaustive research, he hadn't found a way to achieve this state of knowing.

Through perseverance, he took himself off to be alone in meditation to try and find the answers, on one occasion he opened up to Universe Life force energy. He was knocked out then came to and was so happy he excitedly ran down the mountain fast he almost stubbed his small toe, his foot was bleeding he clasped it and noticed an added benefit, he unlocked his healing ability!

He found what he was looking for by connecting to Universal energy, which later on became known as Reiki! Usui gained clarity about his own path and purpose, and why he was here, he was able to unlock his healing potential.

The prime focus of Usui's Reiki has never changed, it's the personal benefits that will come through connecting to this energy, meditating with this Creator source energy, heals the physical and subtle energetic body. This practice of deliberately connecting will unlock your healing potential and change your life from the inside out by accessing all knowledge from within.

What did he do when he connected to this energy?

He healed himself, then tried it on his family, since it worked well for various ailments, he realized it promoted inner peace, and shifted consciousness, leading to the very state of enlightenment he was searching for, therefore he decided to share this knowledge with the public.

He became widely known for his teaching and for making sure others could tap into healing potential and unlock their own path and purpose.

What about us today?

Unlock your own healing path and purpose

Reiki energy will open you up to enjoy real benefits in your everyday life, even on a personal note as many people reported improvement in the area of anxiety, stress, worry, bouts of depression, or deep sorrow of losing a loved one, simply by connecting with Reiki energy. Those feelings are replaced with a sense of inner peace, others have tapped into a new inner authority and taken control of their lives in positive ways.

Learning from Usui's pursuit of Reiki highlights the benefits of getting the mind quiet by meditating and connecting to this Source of energy, so you can hear the guidance of the higher self, heal and wake up to your true identity, alongside self-realization, with the enlightenment of your own purpose.

Usui developed a simple way to open the channel for this connection to happen, and this healing system is divided into three phases of learning and consciousness.

Who will benefit from this healing system?

Anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery, everyone who is going through a spiritual awakening, and all those seeking enlightenment!

What will you learn at each phase?

Phase one

Reiki level one is an eloquent, uncomplicated system, simple yet powerful as it shifts your consciousness to be open to the Reiki flow tapping into this energy uniquely to you. You will develop the ability to quiet the mind, experience peace, and have mental clarity in a way that otherwise would be a challenge to achieve.

Phase two

Reiki level two is a natural expansion of our energetic self, shifting consciousness away from the physical restriction of time, a transition into our true identity of timeless, essence of who we are outside of the physical incarnation! This is when you will embrace the different aspects of energy through the symbols, and using sound resonance with the Kotodama.

Reiki Master

Master 3a, this part of your learning moves you into a greater understanding of self-awareness, and inner empowerment by embracing mastery, and what that means. You will develop and explore intuitive techniques. This phase of learning includes the Master symbol, embracing the Master within, and the soul journey tapping into your inner wisdom and knowledge.

Reiki Teacher

Reiki Teacher is a separate course for learning and teaching each Usui level, it is for those who want to pass this information to others and attune to the first, second, degree, and Master levels.

This unique healing system has at its core the attunement process connecting you to Life force energy!

Are ready to connect with Univeral Energy and experience this yourself?

Learn more about how your connection to Reiki can transform your life here.

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