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Reiki Session 1 hour

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These sessions take place fully clothed on either a massage couch or recliner chair in a safe, warm, and relaxing environment.

This Reiki session is holding space for you to relax and allow Rei (wisdom of God or a Higher power) and Kei (Life force energy) to flow through you from the hands of your Practitioner. People respond differently to this energy, some people go into a sleepy state but still remain aware of their surroundings, while others sense a complete calmness or warmth over them, a deep relaxation, tingling sensations, or various vibrations of this energy. Some people report that they feel a coolness over parts of their body with waves of warm sensations, for most they are able to experience total relaxation, a meditative state that would normally be hard for them to achieve.

"Tracey is really amazing at what she does, I have had Reiki treatment with Tracey. I felt so relaxed after I left, I would highly recommend Tracey and her services." Genia

Experience Reiki and feel the benefits of healing for yourself!

  • Reiki Session - 1 hour
  • Please contact me to arrange a date in the diary, then confirm your booking by purchasing online

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