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What can Reiki do for you?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Reiki healing

Hello all and welcome to my blog post. Today I’m going to look at the topic: What can Reiki do for you?

Have you ever asked yourself this?

I think when we hear the term Reiki it conjures up some mixed views, there are those who don't understand what is, those who have never heard about it, and those who make no connection to it personally.

So, what actually is Reiki?


Let’s start by clearing up what Reiki isn't. It isn’t part of a cult, religion, or anything to do with tapping into the unknown.

If we look into the actual meaning of the word it points us in the right direction as Reiki is made up of two Japanese words Rei (wisdom of god or a higher power) and Kei (Life force energy).

So simply put, Reiki is Energy!

'This Universal energy is the stuff of creation itself, we benefit from its healing effects, and the more we access and align with this energy, it enhances our life'

So how does Reiki work and what are the benefits?


Reiki healing works at every level of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

How can that be?

Well, we are made as multi-dimensional Beings, meaning that every one of us already has the capacity to connect to the Creator source and access Universal energy. Within all of us is that spark of infinite energy and limitless potential that keeps all things living. When we access this energy through our upper chakras (head) we receive the flow of energy through our entire body, which is how we receive healing.

Universal energy for us is like water to a plant. It nourishes, restores, rebuilds, and keeps us alive. This is why we feel better and function better after allowing this energy to flow through us. Healing aids the physical body to release the stress and tension we personally hold on to, as it restores our energy balance. Our emotional and mental states respond to this vital force of energy, clearing, rejuvenating, and bringing in a sense of calm, peace, and clarity into our conscious awareness.

This explains why Reiki is often spoken of and utilized when we become sick or seriously ill. In fact, some medical professionals recognize the benefits and are supporting the use of Reiki (medication/surgery/treatment combined) with patient care to aid recovery, boosting the immune system.

It's no wonder that throughout history there are those who have become 'pioneers' and therefore have made it their mission in life to understand and find ways to connect to this Universal energy.

This is true in the case of Mikao Usui, who founded Reiki and developed his own unique way of accessing this vital force energy.


We are all designed to access this Universal energy, in various ways and means, Reiki included. The question is just how many of us are connected to this energy and allowing it to empower our lives?

Our modern world has become noisy and somewhat focused primarily on the third dimension (the physical life). This can result in a connection that can be interrupted (as I found in my own life), forgotten by a busy lifestyle, or perhaps for some even lost. This brings about a challenge.


Because of how we are made! We run the risk of being swallowed up by the daily struggle of living. Maybe we've become so conditioned to allow stress into how we live, or it may be that we're not enjoying life as we want and have adopted a coping mechanism. This could be in the form of simply trying to get through one day at a time or 'going through the motions during each day.

Wherever we find ourselves enduring, coping, or feeling we have no choice in life.

We are Souls journeying through life, we can choose to connect at free will and align ourselves back to who we really are, and create what we want into our present life, and the more vital force energy we receive, the deeper joy and happiness we bring into our human experience!


Reiki has been my go-to because I love the tangible effects of self-healing on my health, my mind, and my overall sense of well-being. It’s been the underpinning of my spiritual journey. Yes, I’ve had access to this energy previously - as we all do - but I had inadvertently used my own in the process and ran on empty. Connecting to the Universal energy is the difference between having clear audio on your stereo opposed to having a weak, interrupted connection.

"Reiki has been the channel that I found my way home. It has been instrumental in opening the door to meet my spirit team and

get to know who I really am at a Soul level, priceless!"

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