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Who are Guides and Angels?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Connect with spirit guides and receive messages

Hello and welcome to my Blog page, today I'm going to look at the topic, who are Guides & Angels?

You may be surprised to know that you have your own team waiting to assist you!

One thing is for sure, these spirits come into our lives just at the right time! It seems they catch our attention just when we need them the most.

So who exactly are these helpers?


These spirits and special helpers come in the form of Angels and Spirit Guides, each offering unique assistance, help, and guidance when we need it. Yes, there are other wonderful spirit Beings. However, for the purpose of our topic, I would like to draw your attention to two very significant ones. They have our back and will help us at the drop of a hat.

I will never forget those precious occasions of conscious awareness, in which I individually met my Angel and then my Spirit Guides.

Without even realizing it at the time, it changed my whole outlook on life!

So before we can let anyone into our lives, we need to know who they are!


Angels are spiritual beings who reside in the spirit realm. They have been around since creation, and you may well be aware there is various kind of Angels, Archangels, and Guardian Angels. They are powerful beings who have been known to protect, help, and give messages.

Angels love us!

I trust my Angel's guidance and protection and have been with me personally assisting me in matters of work. I am most grateful for his direction in life and for providing me with all the necessary information, and direction I could ever ask for.

How do you feel about yours, or would you like to meet your Angel?

Connecting in a 'conscious' way and allowing these amazing powerful Beings to be part of your life, most definitely enhances our lives in a very special way.

If that's an Angel, who are Spirit Guides?


Spirit Guides are souls who have been incarnated and know exactly how it feels to be human! Just like we have chosen the human body, they have chosen to have their personal experience in that way.

Personally, I really appreciate how each Guide can be such an expert in both their help and love. I also truly respect my Guides, as each one has a particular role in this life's journey.

We attract Guides who are well-experienced in the issues and lessons we are learning. When we step onto our spiritual path, we also attract new Guides that will give us the most assistance... and it's our higher self that hires our Guides.

You might well be wondering: how can I communicate with them?


It's worth noting that most of us aren't aware when our Angels and Guides are nearby, the reason being is with human nature as it is, we tend to have a preconceived idea of what it will be like. We think of it within our physical senses and often we simply miss their nudges!

However, we can all connect and communicate because we all have psychic abilities. Yes, we all do! It's just that we might not fully be aware of that potential yet. Here are a few ways we can consciously become more aware:

  • The key to communicating with the unseen is about developing a different kind of sense. It is a spiritual seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing which is more subtle coupled with learning to be open to how the answers come through to us.

  • Every one of us has a unique way to tap into our Angels and Guides, because we are multidimensional, meaning the connection is already there and is able to receive intuitive information.

  • In our everyday lives, there are occasions to develop these spiritual senses, e.g by meditation or using your practice of yoga to connect, we can open opportunities up whilst walking in nature as a way of developing our spiritual senses. It's those precious quiet moments, you may see colours, symbols, or bits of information that intuitively mean something to us e.g. a whisper of a word/phrase. You might have a clear knowledge of something or a situation that is the truth or just intuitively feel emotions or physical sensations that confirms something to you.

  • Messages from Spirit often seem like it's coming from ourselves.. as we gain awareness of ourselves as a spiritual Being. it is then our identity and self-awareness waken, recognizing our higher self and being aware of their presence.

Lastly, if there is any apprehension of connecting with anything other than your Angel and Guide, as I once did, you may find it helpful to know we are in control of who we want to connect with, for me, this removed any unwanted fear and I had the choice.

If your intention is guided with good for yourself and others, then only what you have intended will be a vibration match for us

With that intention set, our genuine Angels and Spirit Guides will always respond to our request. To illustrate further, just as we would never allow a stranger to walk into our homes that we didn't know or trust, the same principle applies: we always ask for the highest good of our own self and to others.

If you are at a stage in your life and you want to connect but don't know how to or even where to begin, please consider a secure way of connection I have used for almost ten years. Not only was it a stepping stone in meeting my spirit team but also in my own self-empowerment through self-healing, which has connected me with Soul awareness.

What is it?


How can Reiki help?

Reiki is a learned practice of accessing Universal energy and with that, it opens our channels further, through our upper chakras (Crown) enabling us to connect with this vital force energy. Self-healing makes us stop and listen to what's really going on inside, Universal energy increases our personal awareness, enabling our spiritual connection to expand, enabling us to walk into our awareness and recognize our full potential.

It serves as another way to keep our focus.

Our busy lifestyle means it doesn't take much to be consumed with everyday living and being caught up with life. We can lose the essence of who we are, and become diminished in our personal resolve by putting up with things in life that do nothing for us. yet somehow we keep going back to a coping mechanism that no longer serves us, with a sense of duty. feeling that we 'have' to.

Unless we take control and push the stop button in our lives, we won't hear our Angels and Guides, we'll miss what they are trying to tell us.

Conscious awareness is a beautiful thing and I'm learning to respect mine more as time goes by because when it's time to know something or to connect, it will happen - that's what makes our personal journey so uniquely our own. We are Souls journeying through life and we chose to experience life in this third dimension (here on our planet) the more we know who we really are and connect to our Angels, Guides, and other Spirit helpers, we wake up to our very own Divine nature!

What do your Angels and Guides want you to know?

Are you ready to connect with them?

For more information click here.


If you're going through a spiritual awakening and seeking answers, then you're in the right place! Discover more >

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