• Tracey Matthews

Who are Guides and Angels?

Updated: Sep 17

Hello and welcome to my Blog page, today I'm going to look at the topic, who are Guides & Angels?

You may be surprised to know that you have your own team waiting to assist you!

One thing is for sure, these spirits come into our lives just at the right time! It seems they catch our attention just when we need them the most.

So who exactly are these helpers?


These spirits and special helpers come in the form of Angels and Spirit Guides, each offering unique assistance, help, and guidance when we need it. Yes, there are other wonderful spirit Beings. However, for the purpose of our topic, I would like to draw your attention to two very significant ones. They have our back and will help us at the drop of a hat.

I will never forget those precious occasions of conscious awareness, in which I individually met my Angel and then my Spirit Guides. Without even realizing it at the time, it changed my whole outlook on life!

If you'd asked me prior to being consciously aware, I would have whole hardheartedly said: "yes, I believe in Angels and Guides." Yet it's only with hind-site, came the realization that I had formed a preconception based on a belief system which was associated with fear, that unfortunately only made my acquaintance with these incredible spirits at arm's length and in some ways even detached.