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How to connect back with Reiki

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

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Hello and welcome to my blog page, today I'm talking about how can we get back with Reiki.

Perhaps you've found yourself mentally wandering off, you know something is missing in life, but you are off-balance and disconnected but intuitively know you need to connect back with Reiki.

The purpose of this blog is to identify what causes us to experience a disconnect or to put ourselves on hold, so to speak. This blog includes practical ways to get ourselves connected back to the source by plugging back into Life Force energy and experiencing a deep level of peace and joy.

What are some ways we can experience a disconnect, can you identify with any of these?

  • One reason seems to be there's no time for anything anymore! It's all got very busy. you didn't intentionally mean this to happen but there's no time for spiritual things and life is hectic! Do you relate to that?

  • Sometimes there's a natural progression happening in life like starting a family. moving home and work commitments have increased, but you sense you are entering a new phase and you are ready to reconnect, have you experienced this?

  • Maybe you've experienced some sort of trauma, a personal loss, or you have been in recovery from an illness and it has all taken its toll on you, but there's been a shift in you, and you're ready to connect back. Can you identify with any of these scenarios?

  • Has it been years between your Reiki levels and now you're ready to move on to the next level it's been so long, but you don't know where to start.

  • Are you Reiki Master and you've come to a crossroads in life and you want to connect with your soul path and purpose? Do you want to know why you have experienced a particular hardship? Are you seeking clarity in some areas of your spiritual journey?

Have you gone through any of these situations during your spiritual journey?

I have certainly encountered some of these situations and it's ok if you have found yourself experiencing different challenging parts or even in limbo during the journey, what is truly amazing our connection to the source will bring us back home!

A question I have been asked often is, can we lose our connection?

The simple answer to that is no!

Reiki foundation level one Course attunes you to precious initiations, to open the channel through your crown (head) heart, third eye, and palm activation establishing your personal connection and accessing the eternal part of yourself.

How can you shift your focus to get back to Reiki? What does it evolve?

When we embark on our Reiki journey, we start with the foundation level one, introducing consciousness, that shift of awareness into being conscious of the flow of energy. What this means we have a clear route to connect back to our divinity, unlocking our healing potential with the ability to change our lives from the inside out. Opening up to Reiki allows us to follow our Soul path and realign to our purpose.

So what practical steps can we take to connect back to life force energy?


Why is this so important?

We can get too preoccupied and caught up with everyday life, slipping down the path of becoming reactive to what's going on around us, with other people, our family, and inadvertently getting carried away with the flow. Have you noticed how easy this can be?!

To make time, choose a day and find a quiet place somewhere you can fully relax to enjoy your special time. You may like to play a guided meditation or simply lay with soft music whilst you do each hand-healing section. If you haven't done healing or mediation for a while start off with shorter sessions and build up.

Set yourself a goal to put yourself first by introducing a routine of connecting consciously to Reiki, this may take some juggling things around. However, like anything new in a routine will take some effort but this is one small routine with big results.

The reward is it gets you in touch with a very important part of you, your true self and to do this you need to get quiet to hear.

That brings us to our next step when we have connected back we are able to listen!


What are you listening to?

To the inner internal voice, the gentle whisper that we don't always hear if we are busy or stressed. Your true self is ready to take you to the next phase of your life experiences and growth.

What is your inner voice saying to you?

If you need a little more assistance, why not relax by meditation, this guided meditation is one I use regularly to connect with spirit guides, so get comfy and for just ten minutes listen in! click here.

Our next step is to rekindle or connect with your helpers who are always there with loving assistance and who have your back!

Who are they?


This is an important step because your Angels and Guides care about you very much and they know what you have chosen to learn in this lifetime and what is your purpose and Soul plan. You can read more about them in this article entitled, who are Angels and Guides?

What is the next step for you?

The biggest way we can shift our vibrational state is to take action on what comes to us!


Connecting to Reiki is like consciously plugging into Universal energy, the Cosmos, it's what we're made of, energy; it rekindles us back to the essence of who we really are, the higher self, the soul.

During quiet times notice what resonates, and have a go at asking yourself:

  • What do I want to do?

  • What is my next most aligned step to do?

  • Is continuing a Reiki Course going to assist me in my next phase of learning?

  • What is my soul path?

  • Am I ready to explore my Soul Records?

When we make time to listen to our inner voice and ask for assistance from our spiritual helpers, we will get back on track to where we want to be!

For more information on Reiki, click here.

For information on how to connect with your Soul path, click here.

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