• Tracey Matthews

How to connect back with Reiki

Updated: Sep 17

Hello and welcome to my blog page, today I'm talking about how can we get back with Reiki.

Perhaps you've found yourself mentally wandering off, you know something is missing in life, your off-balance, disconnected but intuitively know you need to connect back with Reiki.

The purpose of this blog to identify what causes us to experience a disconnect or to put ourselves on hold, so to speak. This blog includes practical ways to get ourselves connected back to the source by plugging back into Life force energy and experience a deep level of peace and joy.

What are some ways we can experience a disconnect, can you identify with any of these?

  • One reason seems to be there's no time for anything anymore! It's all got very busy. you didn't intentionally mean this to happen but there's no time for spiritual things and life is hectic! Do you relate to that?

  • Sometimes there's a natural progression happening in life like starting a family. moving home and work commitments have increased, but you sense you are entering a new phase and you are ready to reconnect, have you experienced this?