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What are Soul Readings?

Updated: Apr 3

Hello and welcome to my Blog page. Today I'm talking about Akashic Records and what are Soul Reading?

What information can you expect from this kind of session?

I'm going to answer as many questions as possible in this Blog so you can have a clear idea of why knowing who you are as our authentic true self (your Soul) is what unlocks your full potential and how we can all understand the real root of life's challenges concerning our health, relationships, and financial issues and how we can align to our gift and purpose in this present lifetime.

So what are the Akashic Records?


The meaning of the word gives us a clue, it's from the Sanskrit word "Akasha", which means "ether" high in the sky beyond, and in Hindi, "Akasha" means sky or heaven. So we are not referring to a physical place, in fact, it's often likened to an energetic book or connecting to wifi, it's really somewhere that information is stored and we can energetically log onto getting information about our Soul.

The Akashic Records hold valuable information about our origination, who you are, how you are made up energetically with regards to your Soul gift, thoughts, intentions, and a whole source of information just to name a few.

Is this concept of accessing our Records a new thing?

No not at all, Edgar Cayce is well known for his work in the Akashic Records during the 1800s and bringing this into conscious awareness. He was given the nickname the 'Sleeping Prophet' because of his own unique way of going into the Records. He would go into a sleeping trance and by his side, someone would write down all the information he relayed, his work is well known for its accuracy and has been studied for years. His way of accessing the Records in a sleeping trance was unique and special to him!

You may be wondering where are the Akashic Records located?

Every one of us has a focal point that holds our personal information, these energy centers are called chakras, we have seven chakras contained within the physical body, the eighth chakra, and beyond is where we exist outside of the physical incarnation connecting us to our Akashic Records.


The eighth chakra lies above our head (crown chakra) this is how we access more of the expanded Universe, increase our spiritual awareness, access all wisdom and knowledge from with, and begin to free ourselves from the karmic build up.

Held in this chakra is all karmic debris accumulated lifetime after lifetime which is built up consisting of self-limiting beliefs and old patterns. This where our connection to the higher self and beyond is embraced with an awareness of who you are, our gifts, and what our purpose is.

Is it only physic or spiritual people who can access this?

No! Because we are all multidimensional Beings, meaning we are all connected to our higher, with soul awareness. This truly makes our journey so unique with all the personal support from your Spirit Guides and Angels guiding you.

What do Soul Readings have to do with the Akashic Record?

A Soul Reading is a session containing information about you, this all comes from your Akashic Records.

Why is it called 'Records'?

Simply because it holds a vast amount of information about your evolving Soul and previous lifetimes your Soul has experienced.

Can anyone access their own Records?

Yes, you can!

Before I did my professional training, I used Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer and using the Usui Reiki distant symbol to obtain valuable information, sometime later I began my professional training.

You may now be wondering, what information do the Akashic Records contain and happens in a Soul Reading?


You will learn about your Soul's origination, where you come from, the Soul level gift you were born with, and how to determine if you are living in alignment with them. Your Records hold all your karma, the choices you made, and the effect that had on you in each lifetime. What lessons you are learning in this present life. It will explain why you find yourself in a particular hardship or challenge, identify what life lesson you are learning, and understand your path and purpose.

I think it's also helpful to clarify what will not happen in these Sessions:

It's not a Reading in which I pick up information whilst you are on the phone or foretell future events. I won't be speaking with the dead or using Tarot cards to give information. Whilst others offer this kind of service which is appropriate and very beneficial to those who seek such additional information. this is not the format I use.

Can I look up famous celebrities you want to know about? Go into the records of someone your curious about? Tell you about another person during your Reading? No, I can't and wouldn't. The Records are private, it's for you, your Soul who is ready to bring information to the forefront.

When a convenient date and time has been booked (for your Soul Reading), I can proceed with the work I do on my side. The scheduled Reading will inform you of all the information needed to be resolved and a follow-up session will answer any additional questions or clarification.

Soul Readings are a good way to introduce Soul healing into your consciousnesses if your at the start or as a continual part of your journey it holds valuable information elevating your awareness and most definitely enhancing existing spiritual practices.

The Records are a powerful tool to resolve and release issues that no longer serve us. This is an extremely beneficial way to understand why you're experiencing a set of circumstances that are happening to you, or if particular hardships or challenges are persistent, and what you want to change.

Readings are excellent for anyone who requires the self-knowledge to resolve any issues that may be of concern in their lives or repeating cycles, with the desire to live their full potential.

This now brings us to the actual Session, which all done by voice call, anywhere in the world.

A Soul Reading will allow you to sit in a space of clarity, a confirmation, a sense of who you really are, what makes you unique with your gift. making sense of what is blocking you and what's restricting you in this lifetime.

Who or what is affecting you mentally or emotionally right now and why that is holding you back. The root cause of when a pattern began and how that's playing out in your life right now. In the light of your truth, the most powerful and liberating part of these Reading sessions, how you can change your karmic pattern.

What does karma mean to you?


I think it means different things to different people, for some, it's doing good because good will come back to you, and if you do bad then that comes back. Others perceive karma as something we have no control over, some think of karma as payback or punishment for what a person has done. Whilst there can be an element of truth even irony to how some situations turn out in life, inconsistencies remain because good people have bad things happen and vice versa.

The Universal Law of Karma works the same for every one of us, it's the consequence of our own action.

Why is this so significant?

We make choices every day and act on them and the consequences are evident to be seen, some not so obvious, but the fact remains, there will always be an outcome. However, sometimes we make choices that are influenced by others, sometimes out of fear, we can also make choices on the assumption we 'have to' or because others won't like it, and so on.

Our Records show the start of a karmic pattern of choice, the actions with consequences, disclosing the effect that had on us whether that be present life or past life. Our pattern of choice will produce karma that is in alignment or push us out of alignment, your Reading will highlight what your Soul is ready to release and resolve to be aligned with who you are.

Can we tell if our karma is out of alignment? What does being out of alignment look like?

It's those life situations when we are doing the total opposite to what we want or desire, being out of alignment can be a very unpleasant experience, and sometimes we don't even know we are!

It can range from feeling trapped, enduring something you don't want to do, the pressure to remain part of something, too scared to change career, unable to keep or make money, poor health, unable manifest, a yearning to be you, feeling blocked, struggling on your spiritual path, self-healing constantly but remain stuck or you've found yourself in a place of general all-round unhappiness and just don't know how to change it.

It's those situations in life where you don't know how you got there!

It can be confusing especially when you feel spiritually connected, being out of alignment is a gradual taking of steps away from who we are at the Soul level often it's insidious and subtle, but one thing's for sure, misalignment will always play out in our life!

Is it possible to change a karmic pattern?

Oh, yes!

We can all change things we don't want in our lives, are you ready to book a Reading session?

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