• Tracey Matthews

What are Soul Readings?

Updated: Sep 17

Hello and welcome to my blog page. Today I am talking about Akashic Records, and what are Soul Readings?

What information can you expect from this kind of session?

I'm going to answer as many questions as possible in this blog so you can have a clear idea of why knowing who you are as your authentic true self, is what unlocks your full potential and how we can all understand the real root of life's challenges concerning our health, relationships, and financial misalignments but also how we can align to our gift and purpose in this present lifetime.


Akashic in Sanskrit means sky, space, and beyond, in Hindi, Akasha also means sky or heaven. Therefore this is a non-physical place, in fact, it's often likened to an energetic library of books, or in modern terms, it can liken to connecting to wifi, once you log on it enables you to access information. Similarly, the Records is what we can energetically tap into and get information about our soul.

The Akashic Records hold valuable information about our origination, who you are, how you are made up energetically with regards to your soul gift, thoughts, intentions, and a whole source of information and more.

There have been many who have made reference to the Akashic realm, Nikola Tesla, Rudolf Steiner, and Edgar Cayce, who became very well known for his work in the Akashic Records during the 1800s. He was given the nickname the 'sleeping prophet' because of his own unique way of going into the Records. He would go into a sleeping trance and by his side, someone would write down all the information he relayed, his wo