• Tracey Matthews

Remembering who you are and where you come from

Updated: Sep 17

Hello and welcome to my blog page, today I am talking about the essence of who we really are. More than ever before in history, we're experiencing a collective consciousness and at the heart of this awakening is the authentic true self. If you're reading this blog, you may be on a spiritual journey and in the process of becoming aware of yourself or possibly interested in doing so. It may be you haven't been down the healing path, but you've tapped into a knowing of your inner real self.

Personally, where my healing journey took me was not as I expected, because I considered the journey to be in a forward motion, a long road leading to whatever it was taking me. My journey took me unexpectedly not in the straight methodical line as I anticipated but in a full circle arriving at the destination of me from a new perspective!!

Once I connected to the universal energy, and acknowledge this part of me, it tripped a switch and it opened an internal door of discovering the real me that is encased in a physical body!

The sheer happiness of healing and meditating was exhilarating, being connected seemed familiar to me, it was like being home. In my mind and upper level of higher states, I felt glorious and self-empowered, however, what I kept secret was that I seemed to lose my way at different junctions in life. It was increasingly getting harder to get myself back, even to work out what caused me to lose my way in the first place. It seemed I had somehow found myself in the third dimension of reality; a life that became considerably blocked, confused in my spiritual journey as if I was on a roller coaster without any control. I was experiencing what felt like a restricting invisible rubber band holding me back from my full potential. The cherry on the cake was that I entered an all-new low of what I can only describe as a struggle with fear.

It was a paradox to me how we could experience such polarity, one being a high level of happiness on a spiritual level but also experience at some points the total opposite in the physical life.

As we draw closer to the essence of our true self, how do we get through those times when we're thrown off balance?

How can we understand our spiritual journey, the meaning of lessons, the real purpose of life, and bring ourselves back to a place of peace?