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Remembering who you are and where you come from

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Spiritual awakening can be both exhilarating and challenging. In this blog, we look at remembering who you are and where you come from.

Hello and welcome to my blog page, today I am talking about the essence of who we really are. More than ever before in history, we're experiencing a collective consciousness, and at the heart of this awakening is the authentic true self and remembering who you are and where you come from. If you're reading this blog, you may be going through a spiritual awakening and in the process of becoming aware of yourself or possibly interested in doing so. It may be you haven't been down the healing path, but you've tapped into a knowing of your inner real self.

Personally, where my healing journey took me was not as I expected, because I considered the journey to be in a forward motion, a long road leading to whatever it was taking me. My journey took me unexpectedly not in the straight methodical line as I anticipated but in a full circle arriving at a destination that was me from a new perspective!!

Once I connected to the universal energy, and acknowledge this part of me, it tripped a switch and it opened an internal door to discovering the real me that is encased in a physical body!

The sheer happiness of healing and meditating was exhilarating, being connected seemed familiar to me, it was like being home. In my mind and upper level of higher states, I felt glorious and self-empowered, however, what I kept secret was that I seemed to lose my way at different junctions in life. It was increasingly getting harder to get myself back, even to work out what caused me to lose my way in the first place. It seemed I had somehow found myself in the third dimension of reality; a spiritual awakening that overwhelmed me, I became considerably blocked, and confused in my spiritual journey as if I was on a roller coaster without any control. I was experiencing what felt like a restricting rubber band holding me back from my full potential. The cherry on the cake was that I entered an all-new low and decline in my mental health of what I can only describe as a - fear.

It was a paradox to me how we could experience such polarity, one being a high level of happiness on a spiritual level but also experience at some points the total opposite in the physical life.

As we draw closer to the essence of our true selves, how do we get through those times when we're thrown off balance and when the spiritual awakening looks more like our mental health is going downhill?

How can we understand our spiritual journey, the meaning of lessons, and the real purpose of life, and bring ourselves back to a place of peace?


Within everyone is that desire to become who we're meant to be and accomplish our purpose. If you are able to meditate or you know how to connect through Reiki you can get to know parts of you. Simply asking ourselves questions is a good starting point, quietening the mind is beneficial as this helps us get in touch and go within.

During these times notice what comes to mind, you may have a sense of wanting to do something, a mission, a passion of yours. It could be teaching people, speaking out, drawing attention, supporting a cause, or bringing your talent out for others to enjoy. Home in on what turns a light on within you, or does nothing for you. This may take several attempts at getting to a deeper level of you, so give yourself time to surf out all the stuff we think we should do or have been doing for years, even the have-to's because this will open the door for the real desires to surface.

Quite often when we approach bumps in the road on our journey, it follows as a result of a change in our lives or circumstances that unfold, leaving us out of sync. Unexpected outcomes to situations can make it hard to work out why we've entered a difficult period, we may perhaps even miss the transition into what put us there.

Why is going within so important at these times?


When I started my journey years back, I never dreamed that a simple healing technique of Reiki would lift a veil to show my true self and give me the empowerment to create what I wanted, versus letting all the negative stuff keep rolling out. You see every time we consciously connect, we drink and soak up if you like, this life force energy from which we are made. What this does is enable us to slow down, relax, be present, and get into an alpha state, whereby we are more receptive intuitively to gain clarity to what is actually happening around us.

I like referring to Reiki as my underpinning because from this a foundation was built, with clarity I could begin bit by bit to untangle myself from the rubber bands that were stopping me from doing what I wanted and break free from what was not working for me.

At this point, I tapped into a different reflection of my true self that blew me away!


Akashic Records is like holding a mirror up so you can see your Soul, metaphorically speaking. This mirror showed me a reflection of the bigger me from an awareness I hadn't even anticipated previously, my Soul!

It was different, it was an angle showing timelessness and previous life experiences, it was an energetic profound view, and wow I instantly recognized and resonated with this.

This reflection gave me a glimpse into the bigger me without the physical body, with the realization that life is a series of choices that have consequences, and the further away we are from our true self the more our lives reflect that back. What I've learned on my journey is that we hold within us the answer to every question and it's our true self that holds the key to what makes us happy; genuine joy experienced in our present lives.

Coming to terms with this means we can begin to gain our control back, and all it takes is small steps because this is how I maneuvered myself back into the driving seat in certain life situations and this is where our empowerment lies! You are the powerful creator of your life, it's just that you might not feel that way or life isn't reflecting that back yet.

This is exactly why I do this work, teaching Reiki, helping others to hear that part of themselves, and facilitating QHHT past life regression, a powerful method of hypnosis that Delores Cannon used to assist others to heal themselves. I use Akashic Records as a powerful tool for remembering who you are and where you come from, this lifts the veil so you can move forward.

When we connect to source energy, it changes our inner and outer world and opens the intuitive connection up to listen to the higher self the part that knows so much.

It does more!

We get ourselves back on the path, our well-being and mental health are restored, and it rebalances us from the energetic root of our soul.

If you would like to know more about soul discovery, please click here.

For more information on QHHT's past life regression, please click here.

Click here for more information about Reiki.

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