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Is Clairsentience Your Gift?

Updated: Oct 16, 2023


Hello and welcome to my blog where I am talking about clairsentience.

I wanted to talk about one of the most powerful gifts people have but are not aware they intuit this way in fact, they struggle with it, often in a state of being continually overwhelmed, and without the energetic context it deserves, can show up as a mental health issue.

The purpose of this blog is to help people tune into their gift of clairsentience recognize both sides of this intuitive phenomenon, and tap into this unexplored aspect of themselves in a new way that will serve them powerfully in life whilst staying true to the essence of who they are.

We all perceive the world through our physical senses of sight, hearing, knowing, feeling, taste, and smell. This is even more true from the subtle spiritual senses, and the French word Clair means clear and explains the context very well by referring to the psychic ability of a person, to pick up information and knowledge.

We all use a combination of the other clear psychic abilities such as claircognizance, the ability to know and intuit knowledge about something without anyone telling you. Clairaudience is the psychic ability to hear, and this can be intuited in several ways, hearing your inner voice, or spirits, or receiving messages in a song, for example. Clairvoyance is when a person can see a picture/film in the mind's eye or see spirits physically, and lastly, clairaugustance and clairolfactance refer to tasting and smelling, which mediums can pick up from spirits.

Most people lead with one or two of these psychic and intuitive senses, in this blog we are going to focus on those who perceive, tune in, and predominantly feel intuitively, known as clairsentience.

So what is clairsentience and what are the signs that you have this gift?


Clairsentience means that you can intuitively feel, pick up emotions, and feel the energy of a person, situation, and even the environment around you. Closely related to this is being empathic, meaning you can intuitively feel and sense the other person's emotions.

Every person will identify and sense intuitively through feelings, however, there are those who not only have this ability but are empowered to feel. This is a person who will naturally perceive the world around them primarily in this way and will experience this both negatively and positively. I will talk about this in more detail later, but for now, it is important to tune into how you sense energy.

So what are the signs that you may be clairsentient?

Here are a few tell-tell signs that I have seen over the years working with many people who have exhibited these kinds of traits.

  • You feel from a part of the physical body, your heart, stomach, head, or hands

  • Sensitive to other people's energy and aura

  • Feel vibrations around you and from the environment

  • Feel when spirits or entities are near you

  • Can feel uneasy at times but you don't know why

  • Feel emotional from out of nowhere

  • Release through tears

  • Intuit feelings without the translation of words

  • Have goosebumps or waves of vibrations around your body

Can you relate to any if not all of these?

This is where I would like to address those as mentioned being empowered to feel this way, and refer to the effect this will have on them, and how this will be experienced.

Many will experience an influx of emotions, and feel everything intensely, and when dealing with traumatic events or situations in life this is magnified which can escalate to an even deeper seated feeling of displacement as if they don't belong in the physical life or don't want to be here.

In our physical lives, the subtle energetic gift of clairsentience is either overlooked or completely ignored until a person has a spiritual awakening and remembers this is a part of who they are. It can seem almost out of context and in part becomes misinterpreted as something negative needing to sedate or numb down the overwhelm. This is mainly because there is no filter or cognizance of why everything is reaching a crescendo and no consideration of the energetic origin of why this is the case.

This blog will help you identify clairsentience and see through the illusion associated with being a person who is weak, awkward in certain settings, overly sensitive, and uncomfortable in crowds but rather tuning into your strength and power as a spiritual being.

Next, we will look at how in reality this intuitive sensitivity is displayed and when a person is not fully aware of this aspect of themselves.

So how will the gift of clairsentience show up in the physical life as being untapped?


This is what I refer to as being out of context i.e. it is not showing up as a gift in the physical life!

There is a part of you that is designed to intuit and be empowered through feeling but you find yourself not in any way empowered, only reacting to problems, and emotions the best way you can. This is because you don't remember this is your gift or if you do, boundaries haven't been put in place yet.

Prior to knowing and embracing this aspect of myself I thought something was wrong with me, and struggled with being on edge with disquieting thoughts of not wanting to be here. In truth, I felt everything, had no filter, and had the feelings of dread, fear, and anxiety overwhelm me to varying degrees.

So here are some additional indicators that will help you to know if clairsentience might well be your untapped gift.

  • Your first response is to feel overwhelmed by either a situation or a person you're interacting with

  • Out of nowhere, you feel worried, fearful, or a sense of dread and you don't know why you are feeling like this

  • Pick up energy or a vibe that makes you feel uncomfortable and not want to be around anyone because of that

  • Feel the emotions of others around you

  • You have gut feelings about people or situations

  • Take on other people's energy, feelings, or even physical ailments

  • Experience ringing in your ears in public busy places or become increasingly anxious, dizzy, tired, and drained quickly

  • Rather avoid situations, people, or places that are overwhelming to you

  • You have episodes of being overwhelmed and inundated with emotions

  • Feel sadness and don't know why because you feel okay within yourself

  • Find yourself releasing regularly through tears

Chances are if you mainly intuit through psychic feelings you will relate to this and the isolation that can occur at times due to this kind of sensitivity. To continue this theme you might like to explore the blog, Spiritual Awakening as this looks at the side effects of finding ourselves blocked, stuck, or overwhelmed in life and on a path that can be symptomatic with mental health and how the energetic root and sensitivity are part of a bigger picture.

In order to embrace this aspect of yourself you will need to acknowledge this is your gift and this will create a shift in you, and then how you react to the psychic feelings coming through, so you can decipher what is yours, and keep your energy intact with boundaries so you can function physically and energetically.

If this resonates and you intuitively sense that you are led for the most part by psychic feelings, you might be ready to tap into the most powerful aspect of who you are!


As I mentioned earlier this sensitivity has both polarities of being negative and this is only termed negative because it's unrecognized or misinterpreted without the spiritual context in the physical life. The positive aspect comes when we embrace this part of ourselves and is one of the most liberating shifts in awareness, and that's because of understanding your truth in how you intuit the truth!

This is important and my aim is to help all those who are on the edge of either figuring this out or have come to a point in life where they are ready to address this from a deeper perspective.

I am going to break down five key areas of a process that will guide you, to embrace this part, you might like to find a quiet place, center yourself with a few deep breaths, or simply close your eyes. You can allow the information to flow as you tune in or you can have a pen and paper to write what comes to you.

1. First, acknowledge you are clairsentience

You will sense if this is how you intuit so allow your conscious mind to accept this part of you, your sensitivity is not a weakness it's your power!

2. Then the next step is to recognize how you our react to the feelings

Are you overwhelmed, scared, unsettled, fearful, drained, anxious, confused, etc.. then think about when and where these feelings are at their worst, for example in public, or around a certain person or situation.

3. Next tune into what is yours

In other words, what is going on in your life?

Is there trauma, hurt, loss, or anything else that is impacting you adding discomfort to your life? This way you can focus on the help you need for your own self-care.

The reason why we are including this step is because filtering out is going to be an integral part of this process, separate what is yours and let go of the other stuff that's not yours but that affecting you.

4. Keep your own energy intact

To do this first describe how your energy feels on a day-to-day basis, is it heavy, porous, or low? For example, you might feel scattered as if you don't feel in one place so bring your focus and energy back in so that you are contained, use intention, and state what you want your energy to be, i.e. whole, light.

5. Next set boundaries

Bring your energy into you and then seal it around you.

This will strengthen your ability to intuit your own state of being separately from everything else around you.

There are a few ways to do this, for example, by using energetic protective layers around you for the highest good of yourself and others. This will not dilute, or numb your intuition just simply draw a line between you and what you are picking up. Visualize this protective layer around you as from the light, the source, coming from the highest possible place so that you keep your energy in place.

I would encourage you to do this exercise until you are able to trust your intuition, sense what is yours, and let go of what isn't yours. This is the start of a process that will guide you to your higher self, embracing clear psychic feelings naturally to navigate the world around you with heightened sensitivity and inner power!

If you would like to learn more about energy, develop an intuitive ability to heal. and how to connect with the source energy using the Reiki pathway, find out more here.

You won't want to miss the next blog as I will be talking about the difference between reactive and creative living, how to recognize which one you are in, and how to maneuver from one to the other!

For more information about how you can raise your vibration, and learn a powerful technique on your path watch this video.

Follow the link for information on QHHT's past life regression method of hypnosis by Delores Cannon.

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