• Tracey Matthews

Usui Reiki Courses

Updated: Sep 30

Hello and welcome to my blog page, in this article, I am talking about Usui Reiki courses, and outline what each level entails.

What will you learn on each level and what are the benefits from learning to tap into an energy source?

Who will benefit from learning a Usui Reiki Course?

The honest answer is anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery, all those who want to develop their intuition and psychic abilities, and those who are having a spiritual awakening or drawn to the metaphysical world.

It might be you want to improve your quality of life, perhaps you are spiritually waking up to why you are here, or you are answering the call within to serve others and everything is leading you to explore connecting with life force energy, for yourself.

The Usui courses are designed to provide you with the confidence to do just that, unlock your own healing potential, and embrace your intuitive gifts by learning through each level which results in a shift in your personal awareness. This is a path that Usui himself experienced a spiritual awakening, seeking enlightenment, searching for questions about why he was here, you can read how he preserved